Aniela Ghita

Aniela is the founder of Hope for Romanian Souls and she is our “woman on the ground”.  Unable to walk by so many animals in distress she started using Facebook to try to find homes and get support for the stray dogs she was trying to help, and eventually set up the official charity to support this work in August 2012 – Hope for Romanian Strays.  Aniela herself is the proud mum to quite a few dogs and cats herself and takes in injured foster dogs in need of shelter until they can be found homes.  When she is not out visiting the shelter, and checking in on injured animals under our care with local vets, she works as an accountant in Ploiesti.

Alexandra Fulford

Based in Spain Alexandra Fulford is responsible for helping out with Hope for Romanian Strays social media and fundraising.  She initially got involved with helping out strays in Romania through Facebook and raising funds for Emily’s transport to the UK in 2012.  Alexandra is the proud mum to an RSPCA rescue called The Don (who has his own Facebook page) and Baby Ninja who she adopted from Hope for Romanian Strays in March 2012 when it looked like Ninja would be thrown out on the streets by her owners.  Working as an independent consultant, Alexandra, aka Pharmaguapa, specialises in digital strategy and social media within the pharmaceutical industry, and is one of the industry’s Twitterati and has her own blog –



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