Corporate Supporters

Pro Dog Romania

Pro Dog Romania is a German organisation that supports animal welfare initiatives in Romania, including Hope for Romanian Strays.   Set up by volunteers shocked at the horrific conditions for dogs in Romania they work to help supply food and funds for medial care, and they work with organisations like us to try to improve the conditions in the shelters and get more dogs neutered.

You can find more information about them (in German) on their website  or on their Facebook page:


West London Petsitter

West London Petsitter provides bespoke and professional pet care across West and SW London.  Dog walking, catting, intensive pet care, live-in services and also pet photography.  West London Petsitter is run by Antonet, a professional photographer and full time pet carer with a passion for animals. Unlike the large pet agencies who will walk three pet owner’s dogs at the same time, Antontet will walk the dog or dogs of only one pet owner at a time so that she is able to give the care and attention each pet needs to be happy, to feel loved and cared for.  She believes that our pets are individuals and should be treated as such.

For more information please visit the website or Facebook Page:


Pet Relocations

One of the more reliable pet friendly, pet shipping services in the USA that will take a cat or a dog from one state to another,cross country trip. Be it a East coast to West coast pet transport or just crossing a couple of states their ground pet ground transport service company is one of the more pet friendly and best ways on how to ship a dog or how to ship a cat to another state.

With a pet transporter service your pets travel has human companionship throughout the whole personal pet transport trip whether its a private transport or a regular transport .Without the problems associated with flying your dog or cat such as long layovers, weather, temperatures or flight cancellations that arise with Pet airlines.

For more information:

+1 256-612-0555 




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