Stumpy and the Magic Word!

Hello! My name is Stumpy and I have been living in the UK for a long time now. I was adopted after Hector-Pie. You can read all about him in one of the earlier articles.

I am about ten years old but I seem to get younger every day. I think its because I sleep in a real bed with my humans and I eat lots of sardines and sausages. I was so lucky to be rescued by Hope for Romanian Strays. I was attacked by other dogs and I had a nasty wound on my side. I was very thin because I was bullied and I really needed to find a new home. I couldn’t believe it when I travelled to the UK and found a home with Hector. We did so many exciting things together! We travelled in a campervan and we went to a lot of different countries. You can see my campervan below : )

I would like to ask you to help Hope for Romanian Strays if you can.

First of all,¬†I need to tell you a magic word! I learned this word when I was travelling in Czech Republic in my campervan,¬†when my human was trying to speak in Czech language. The magic word is¬† –


Please say this word three times in a row now! DOBBY DIBBLE! DOBBY DIBBLE! DOBBY DIBBLE!

You can use this word to mean a lot of things. You can say it instead of swearing! : )) or hello and goodbye! The humans here cant stop saying it now. I hope that this new word will stay in your memory and every time you think of it you will remember to help Hope for Romanian Strays!

You can help so much by doing these simple things-

*Share posts on Facebook to spread the word about the charity

*Consider adopting or fostering a dog or cat

*Donate to help buy food, medical supplies, equipment and pay vets bills

*Tell everyone you can about Hope for Romanian Strays -so even if you cant adopt someone you know might be able to

*Hold fundraising events like a cake stall, boot sale, sponsored dog walk, car wash and help get more media coverage

*Sponsor a dog or cat each month and help pay for their care or pay towards their travel costs to a foster placement

Thank you for reading my story and for helping in any way you can. If you would like to ask me any questions please contact me. Love Stumpy xxx


Happy Days are Rescue Days


After 6 years of hopes and plans and fails and miracles we can now say it without thinking twice: ALL HAPPY DAYS ARE RESCUE DAYS! Today 30 beauties of Hope went out of the shelter to start a new life in Germany so I am here all smiley trying to write to you the history of our anniversary booklet with postcards .

It is not about making the postcards fashionable once again, it is not about getting rich from postcard sales, it is just about sharing the beauty of our rescue activity with the ones that make it possible daily,  it is about rewarding the beautiful donors of our orga with a small symbolic gift from our dogs, it is about transforming their wishes in reality further trough your help! That is why we ask every single donor that will send a donation as anniversary gift to claim his very own anniversary booklet, the gift of our dogs for their care and help.


As part of our 6th anniversary event we had to choose carefully which beauties from the shelter we promote trough the very special booklet with postcards , not because we didn’t had plenty of great dogs/cats to choose from but because we wanted to use this opportunity for bringing into the attention of our donors/adopters few special cases of dogs that didn’t found their way to exit the shelter so far for some reason .¬†So this is how we choosed 5 cats from Sanctuary of Hope, 5 dogs from Bucov Shelter and 5 dogs from Sanctuary of Hope, resulting in the end 15 great postcards for our donors to enjoy as part of our anniversary celebration! This is how the booklet of postcards came to the light of print after many weeks of hard work and worries and plans, since we all wanted to make it simple and to promote dogs/cats for which you can follow with us together the evolution in shelter and outside of it, with the big big hope that they will all stay strong and alive until their rescue day will come!¬†



Two weeks ago when the booklets were out of print and we started distribution for making them available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland , Uk and Finland ( plus any other country where beautiful donors will want them ), we had basically no idea that this Happy Rescue Day will bring also the happy miracle of rescue for two of our postcard beauties, Mahlia & Izayo  !!!! For me this means life, the miracle of rescue means life for the poor souls that we struggle to keep alive in shelter for having their own chance to happiness one day!

Mahlia is such a smiley face, she had to live in shelter kennels for so many months, together with many beauties captured out of the street, she was vaccinated and castrated thanks to the amazing support of beautiful donors and then her long period of waiting the rescue day has started. After almost one year spent in public shelter, her big rescue day has come in same week with our anniversary event, our postcard with Mahlia and her dream came out to the light just in time for being able to enjoy all together the great miracle of her rescue .


Mahlia and her very own anniversary wish will become reality now 


Damn, I am so used by now with all facebook emoticons that my text seems long and annoying without smiley faces, hihi! But this is not so important since the real fact is that today is Happy Rescue Day for so many dogs in need, between them being also Mahlia & Izayo, for whom the anniversary dreams will finally become reality!

Izayo was just a tiny baby when he became subject of discussion for our postcard theme, we didn’t knew how his future will be but we wanted to point out the beautiful puppies that have no big chances of survival after being dumped in overcrowded shelters…All pictures were made in June by Rebecca , volunteer and now also part of Hope for Romanian Strays team, the creator of every single postcard that you will see in the beautiful booklet. The booklets were prepaired as graphic in Germany, we printed them in Romania and this week they became part of our anniversary event launched from Austria by Gertie, the real power engine behind all our succesfull fundraisers.


Baby Izayo has a dream too and he will soon be able to explore his own garden 

All in all, being such a happy day for me as a rescuer and for my lucky rescued souls , I can tell you that the joy is doubled by those little postcards that might seen insignifiant to most people in this internet era , not because they are ours but because they were created with love to help us promote better our work and beauties , because every single postcard has a full story behind, because every single soul from this postcards needs your help to be saved out of here to fulfill the dream of their life!


Mahlia was thrilled to find out that her anniversary dream will become reality

If you had the nervs and courage to read our full article, please fell free to give it forward sharing for us and sending your very own anniversary gift in exchange of your very own anniversary booklet! Thank you for making it work in the benefit of our dogs and cats, big hugs to you all!

With love and smiles,

Aniela & beauties of Hope



Esha has a dream too, waiting for so long to become reality 

LESSING – A Last-minute Rescue

Lessing was really not suitable for life in the shelter. Again and again, the other dogs attacked and bullied him.

He was getting thinner and scarcely dared to lie down to sleep. A solution had to be found quickly.



ProDogRomania found a foster home for Lessing, and when he was sitting in the car towards Germany last week, a lot of people were so relieved!


Lessing has survived the trip well, is now safe and can finally eat and sleep in peace. He is already loved now, and when he has regained his strength, surely there will soon be found a forever-home for him.


LESSING – A Happy End


Last winter a call for help arrived from Romania. Miron, our big boy, had an inquiry from a man who wanted to get Miron as guard dog. For Miron this would have meant a life in shackles.


Aniela called us in despair and luckily we just had found for another big guy, who lived at our foster place, a home recently. So the place for “the big boy” was free again and we didn’t bother to take Miron.

In the beginning, everything was fine but after a few weeks Miron showed aggressive behaviour towards some of our dogs – we had to seperate him from the others which is very sad because we live with our dogs like a big family – all together in our old farm house.

Miron has his own kennel and he is very modest: The only important thing for him seems to be a place, where he can lay around and enjoy the summer sun. Towards people, even strangers, he is absolutely nice, loves to be cuddled and brushed.

So, still we are trying to find a nice place to live for him. Sometimes it takes a while but we are sure that his big day will come! Although we are not happy with the circumstances that he has to live alone in a kennel we know that this is better than living on a chain for the rest of his life. And Micha takes him for long walks every day into the forest which he enjoys muchly. You wouldn’t imagine but big Miron indeed loves to hunt – he is on the leash, don’t worry, but sometimes Micha needs lots of power to get hold of Miron who wants to run after deer.

This week we make another try and publish a small article about him – maybe the right person will show up – fingers crossed for teddy bear Miron! He deserves a real home so much!