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New Fundraiding Auction date set – 10th June 2013

UPDATE: Due to time constraints we have had to delay the auction until June.


We have now set a date for our Fundraising Auction – it will start on May 22nd – so save the date! There are some really interesting pledges ranging from a professional pet photography session, to more business oriented things like a days worth of strategy consulting, to some great jewellery items and handmade toiletries. The items have been pledged by people across the world to help us raise funds for the dogs in the shelter in Romania and to help pay off vets bills.

We would like to raise a substantial amount of money so that we can make some real differences in the shelter and in particular so we can give puppies and weaker dogs a fighting chance of survival. Unfortunately most of our donations go straight to pay off our vets bills as we have a constant stream of dogs, and the odd cat, that we need to take out of the shelter for medical care or that we rescue injured from the road side. The sad reality is that most animals here if they are injured are just left to die in agony – when we see this we cannot just ignore them. This is why this auction is so important.

We hope that by having a specific event like this we can for once get a chunk of money together which we can use for a specific project, namely improving shelter conditions. You can contribute to this by sharing our auction event and there is also still plenty of time to donate things to the auction. Have a rummage through your drawers and cupboards – most of us have things that we do not really use and which someone else might value. Old jewellery or an unused Christmas gift or perhaps you have a particular skill which people might bid for. It is very easy to pledge items – just contact us at hopeforstrays @yahoo.co or email don.fulford@hotmail.co.uk with an image and information of your item. We will then post it on the auction page and once the final bid is in and we have received the money will we will let you know and then you can send or release the item to the bidder. Simple!  To look at items already pledged you can visit the auction page: http://hopeforstraysauction.moonfruit.com/

So remember:

1. Look for items for the auction

2. Share the auction event with your friends and family

3. Bid on items you like As always thank you on behalf of all the dogs that we help.

Stray dogs and puppies in the shelter - help us provide better conditions for them

Stray dogs and puppies in the shelter – help us provide better conditions for them

ADOPTED Suki- Her babies were born to die in the shelter! Can we save her?

Suki - Happy Adopted in UK

Suki – Happy Adopted in UK by a wonderful family – Happy Holidays!

Suki in the local shelter

Suki is now happy adopted , part of a big wonderful family in UK …Thank you all for helping us to take her out of the shelter!

Suki is a 3 year, small old lady , only weighing around 7kg.  She has been vaccinated, dewormed, sterilised  and is now patiently waiting to be saved from the local shelter.

We tried to save her and her babies during our vaccination project for babies this summer.  Unfortunatelly all the babies were not strong enough to survive and all died.  Suki however is a survivor, a lovely gentle girl in need of a real family.  She could leave for a new home anytime but currently she has no home, no adopters yet. Please share for her!

If you would like to adopt her from distance until permanent adoption or to sponsor her for vaccines/dewormings , please use :
Paypal Account: hopeforstrays@yahoo.com
Accounts Hope for Romanian Strays Organisation :
Euro Account: RO24RZBR0000060014905466
Swift Code: RZBR ROBU
Ron Account: RO30RZBR0000060014905455

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Sterilisation Campaign in Local Shelter Bucov – Be part of it!

Friday 14 September , two organisations from Ploiesti , PH, Romania will start a new campaign for the stray dogs from local shelter : STERILISATION CAMPAIGN!

Hope for Romanian Strays and Asociatia pentru Dezvoltare Comunitara Ploiesti made posible for the first day of  sterilisation campaign to be sterilised arround 40 females from the shelter, mostly pregnant females, avoiding in this way to be born new shelter puppies that will end their short life in agony because of various  viruses and also bad shelter conditions…The local shelter has arround 600 dogs, abandoned by people or gathered from the street…At this moment more than half of them are not sterilised and our organisations , with the help of animal friends from all arround the world, will try to change the situation into the advantage of the dogs from there…

If you are one of our friends and you followed our stories then for sure you know about our vaccination campaign for puppies in the shelter and also about the  food events organised to feed all 600 dogs in the shelter….If you never knew about those campaign until now, then you can read our posts about them and you can choose to support our campaigns of course!

You can be part of the sterilisation campaign also ….The cost of one sterilisation is €20/$26 or 90 romanian lei…For the first campaign we scheduled 40-50 sterilisations, for which we need 800-1.000 € ; 1.040-1.300$ or 3.600-4.500 romanian lei
Huge amounts for us, impossible to realise it without the support of our friends …If you can help us to realise this important thing for the dogs from the local shelter please contribute in any possible way:

Paypal Account:
Aniela Ghita – sagittarium82@yahoo.com Accounts Hope for Romanian Strays Organisation :
Euro Account: RO24RZBR0000060014905466
Swift Code: RZBR ROBU
Ron Account: RO30RZBR0000060014905455

Please attend our event and participate to our sterilisation project….Together we can do more to help them!!!THANK YOU!!!