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Little help can make big things possible!

       From the very first days of spring we started the big plans for making a little easier somehow the life of our dogs in sanctuary and public shelter. As you all know by now big plans cannot be realized only with big hopes and big results in rescue are only possible with big amounts of money spent for everything needed daily to help our dogs : daily food for all dogs and cats in our care, daily veterinary care for all souls that cannot survive without proper medical care ( vaccination, castration, medical care for sick or wounded dogs ), maintenance/construction of kennels/doghouses     


            We are forever grateful to all the amazing friends and donors that make our daily work possible but the sad reality is that situation of romanian strays it is not getting better, more and more souls are abandoned daily , from small newborns who have no real chance to survive without their mom to sad oldies that are left behind without no mercy by those who should offer them protection and love .

            We need  help for making possible more sterilisations , more adoptions, more vaccinations, more kennels, more doghouses , more improvments for making their life easier while they are forced to live in locked kennels for being away from the street.


            As an answer to your questions I have to say that at the moment our dogs are promoted for adoption trough german/austrian/swiss partners and volunteers who made possible their presence in german photo gallery. We only have few happy tails adopted in UK trough trustful friends that helped us save them out but without the support of a legal founded organization that can help us with homechecks/ contracts/post adoption controls, we cannot  promote our dogs in UK in a better and safe way, we apologise for that.


          With over 300 dogs in care at the sanctuary and other hundreds of dogs cared in public shelter, our time online is limited to minimum and that is why we cannot keep up with our blog activity but we are more than happy to receive your help and messages, thank you so much for your trust and care.

          Big thank you to all beautiful people that donated for our dogs helped us start the new season with new castration campaigns , new vaccinations campaign in both shelters, new builded kennels, new doghouses, new materials , new castration campaigns and of course new rescued/adopted souls!

Save us from the mud

29.03.15-5It is that time of year again and Spring is upon us.  The birds are chirping, the flowers are blossoming and our moods improve.  Sadly with Spring come Spring showers and with them gallons of mud for our poor shelter dogs.  The dogs have no where else to go and face spending days in wet, clogging, dirty mud, making them shiver with cold and taking the lives of those not strong enough to stand these conditions.


Last year we started making improvements in some of the kennels by paying for gravel to be put down and paying for stray for the dog houses to try to help the dogs stay warm.  The gravel helps but for the most vulnerable dogs we wanted to go one step further by providing tiled floors.  These cement tiles are the only way to really avoid the mud altogether and they also make the kennels easier to clean.

Help a dog for Christmas

As Christmas nears and you start thinking about buying Christmas presents spare a thought for the poor. cold and hungry strays dogs in Romania. Winters are very harsh and many of the dogs will not survive the cold. For us as a charity winter is the hardest time of all – there is so much misery and pain in the shelters and on the streets, and with each shelter visit we see more dogs that have succumbed to the cold. Unfortunately they do not have the food, treatment or shelter required so only the strong survive. Puppies born at this time of year have virtually no chance of survival. This is why each year we have a winter fundraiser. This is why we ask that you consider giving a gift of love this year.

We have a number of “items” for sale to raise money for the dogs and these are gifts that brings joy in three different ways – to you the purchaser by reducing your need to hit the shops and knowing your gift will be saving a life; to the recipient who knows they have been given something more valuable than a normal shop bought item and feels they contributed to something good; but most of all to the dogs whose lives this gift will save.

So what heartwarming, life saving gifts can you buy? Here is a selection for you:

2014 Calendar for €5 + PP

The 2014 Hope for Romanian Strays Calendar, featuring a selection of this years happy tails.  Please contact us directly at hopeforstrays@yahoo.com to purchase this and to send us your postal details.


Puppy vaccination for €10 

Help a puppy survive in the shelter by paying for a vaccination.  The shelter does not vaccinate puppies (one reason 90% die) but we pay for vaccinations when we have the funds to.  You can of course pay for as many puppy vaccination as you want – there are more than enough puppies waiting to be vaccinated!

Just a few of the current shelter puppies

Just a few of the current shelter puppies

Puppy rescued from shelter at the vets

Puppy rescued from shelter at the vets

Puppies being rescued from the shelter - each will need to be vaccinated

Puppies being rescued from the shelter – each will need to be vaccinated



Sterilise a dog €20

For €20 you can pay for the sterilisation of a dog.  This helps reduce the number of puppies born, thereby reducing the problem, and also increasing the chances of a dog being adopted. With hundreds of dogs in the shelter that are not sterlised this is a big issue but we are working with the shelter to neuter the dogs but we need funding for this.

Dog being neutered

Dog being neutered

Help pay off some of our vet’s bills €25

We regularly rescue dogs from the streets and from the shelter that have been injured.  Without our intervention they would get not veterinary care and would die or live in agony.  We have mounting debts with the local vet and by helping us pay off our current debts you can help pave the way for other emergency medical cases.  The cases we take in range from broken legs through car accidents (often deliberate) , injuries sustained in the shelter and sickness such as distemper.

Amma who we found on the street with a broken leg

Amma who we found on the street with a broken leg

Fatmy who was close to starvation and needed emergency care

Fatmy who was close to starvation and needed emergency care

Give our puppies a Christmas meal €30

We have a number of puppies in foster care as well as in the puppy enclosure at the shelter.  If you would like to buy them an extra meal for Christmas they would be very happy!  It would also help build up their strength and chances for survival.

Puppies getting food at the vets

Puppies getting food at the vets

Rescue puppy having much needed food

Rescue puppy having much needed food


Improve conditions in the shelter €40

We are one of the few charities with access to the shelter.  The conditions there are terrible but we work with the shelter, when they allow us, and part of what we try to do is improve conditions for the dogs.  Last year we funded a whole load of new huts and this year we paid to replace broken fencing that was potentially dangerous and could injure the dogs.  We also bring additional food to the dogs as they do not get enough through the shelter.

Dogs getting food

Dogs getting food

Broken fencing

Broken fencing

Help us invest in the future €50

We are starting a separate fund to start putting money aside for some bigger projects.  Currently all our donations go straight to pay off our debts and pay for emergency cases.  We have however some long term vision and dream of being able to provide some better shelter and foster options for injured and vulnerable dogs.  To do this we will need substantial funds and so we are starting to save towards this goal.  If you would like to donate to this then please contact us directly and we will send you the bank details for this.

Help us give dogs a better option than the misery of the public shelter

Help us give dogs a better option than the misery of the public shelter

To purchase any of these “items” please donate via paypal to hopeforstrays@yahoo.com and state which item you are purchasing.  For an additional €3 we will provide a personalised card sent either to you or directly to the recipient (please include in your donation). To do this please email us at hopeforstrays@yahoo.com after you have purchased an item with details of the item, any test you would like written in the card, name and address.

Thank you for any donations and contributions made.  We such a great need and these dogs deserve better than the cruelty they get in Romania.  They deserve some hope for Christmas too.

New Fundraiding Auction date set – 10th June 2013

UPDATE: Due to time constraints we have had to delay the auction until June.


We have now set a date for our Fundraising Auction – it will start on May 22nd – so save the date! There are some really interesting pledges ranging from a professional pet photography session, to more business oriented things like a days worth of strategy consulting, to some great jewellery items and handmade toiletries. The items have been pledged by people across the world to help us raise funds for the dogs in the shelter in Romania and to help pay off vets bills.

We would like to raise a substantial amount of money so that we can make some real differences in the shelter and in particular so we can give puppies and weaker dogs a fighting chance of survival. Unfortunately most of our donations go straight to pay off our vets bills as we have a constant stream of dogs, and the odd cat, that we need to take out of the shelter for medical care or that we rescue injured from the road side. The sad reality is that most animals here if they are injured are just left to die in agony – when we see this we cannot just ignore them. This is why this auction is so important.

We hope that by having a specific event like this we can for once get a chunk of money together which we can use for a specific project, namely improving shelter conditions. You can contribute to this by sharing our auction event and there is also still plenty of time to donate things to the auction. Have a rummage through your drawers and cupboards – most of us have things that we do not really use and which someone else might value. Old jewellery or an unused Christmas gift or perhaps you have a particular skill which people might bid for. It is very easy to pledge items – just contact us at hopeforstrays @yahoo.co or email don.fulford@hotmail.co.uk with an image and information of your item. We will then post it on the auction page and once the final bid is in and we have received the money will we will let you know and then you can send or release the item to the bidder. Simple!  To look at items already pledged you can visit the auction page: http://hopeforstraysauction.moonfruit.com/

So remember:

1. Look for items for the auction

2. Share the auction event with your friends and family

3. Bid on items you like As always thank you on behalf of all the dogs that we help.

Stray dogs and puppies in the shelter - help us provide better conditions for them

Stray dogs and puppies in the shelter – help us provide better conditions for them