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The tragedy of the shelter puppies

Everyone loves puppies.  They are cuddly and soft and cute and make us laugh with their antics.  Unfortunately not all puppies are born into a world of happiness and love.  In Romania due to the high number of unsapyed street dogs many puppies are born on the streets where they have very little chance of survival.  Some puppies are also born in shelters or are brought to shelters but sadly this does not generally improve their chances of survival.  Unlike shelters in the UK where charities like the RSPCA and Dogs Trust are able to vaccinate and care for puppies, giving them a real chance of a happy, healthy life, in Romania there is no funding for basic care of these poor little puppies.  The sad reality is that a large number of these adorable little lives are lost due to disease and lack of basic vetinary support.

Hope for Romanian Strays has now started a programme to try to get the shelter puppies basic vetinary care to improve their chances of survival.  This is only the first step and due to their poor health many of the puppies are not healthy enough to survive vaccination.


A tragic example of this are these puppies, born on the street but rescued and brought to the shelter.  Despite all the efforts of supporters and the local vet they were not strong enough to survive and one by one died.  Those of you that have been following this blog and our Facebook page will be familiar with these three little adorable angels that were found still with their eyes closed but were found a place in the local shelter.  We had been funding their vaccinations and care and fostering them until they were old enough to be found forever homes with adopters.


It was heartbreaking then to watch as they all succumbed to illness despite our best efforts.  This is however the sad reality of street puppies – they are born into an unhealthy, and unsafe environment, often under-nourished, and without the strength of healthy puppies to fight infection. Just like any normal puppies these little guys were adorable and just wanted a chance at a good life.  They had a very loving mum and were taken in and cared for but they just did not have the strength to make it and that was devastating.

Fortuantely though there are happy endings and this is why we persevere and continue to try to fund vaccinations and rescue these puppies.  We may not be able to save them all but when they do survive and make it to a new life and we see the happy photos sent from their new forever homes it makes the heartache and anguish worth while.  With more funding we could rescue more and pay for better care but as is we can only afford the most basic care – and that still leaves a great deal up to each indivudal puppy to fight through and survive.  But some do – and for them we will continue to do everything we can.

And one such puppy is the adopted 4th puppy from the litter that died.  When the mum with the three puppies were found on the streets and rescued we also found a 4th slightly older puppy all alone – and the mum was loving enough to take Donna under her wing and care for her too.  While the 3 young puppies did not make it Donna is still fighting on and in desperate need of a forever home.  She is a very sweet and adorable little thing and deserves a chance at a better life.  Please share this for her and help us find her a forever home or help fund her care until we find her a good home – contact us at or chip in











And as a reminder that despite this particular tragic ending for the three little puppies there are happy endings and here are some photos of the puppies rescued and rehomed – and this is why we continue to work relentlessly for these street puppies and every penny we receive goes straight to supporting and rescuing street dogs and their puppies.  With more funding we could provide more vaccinations and get all of these dogs spayed – and thereby provide a long term solution to the sad fate of street puppies – so please continue to support us and share our stories.

Lily traveling to her new forever home

Puppies en route to their new forever home







Annie the injured puppy now a young dog living a very happy life with her adopted family



Kitties in need!!! They have no adopters!!!

Our kitties here have a very sad story, it is the story of a cat lover that didn’t realised that her love for cats can be transformed so easy in a tragedy….The lady had a few kitties , she didn’t sterilised any of them and in less than one year her kitties gave birth to  other kitties , more kitties, many kitties…Unfortunately, since we discovered their case ( 20 May 2012 ) and until now, most of the tiny babies, too small to fight against illnes , died.…We pray for them to rest in peace and we are sorry that they were born in Romania, the country were sterilisation is still a myth…

Some of our vaccinated kitties are adopted now, they left home, we were able to build for them a happy story : Greg,Pufa,Feya,Willie, Victor and very soon Tommy too, are part of our happy tails stories…But behind them , many brothers/sisters/cousins remained without a really family to care for them….Please look at them, share they story and help us find them a good home sharing between friends!!! They are now fully vaccinated and they can leave to their new homes as soon as we find them the proper adopters!!!

If you can’t take home one of them you can be part of their happy story helping us to covers some of their vet expenses, for vaccines and medication, plus food expenses, because as you all know by now, it’s difficult to keep more than 30 cats healthy and well without feeding them properly and without veterinary care…Thank you!!!

If you can help us to help them, please do not hesitate to contact us :
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ADOPTED in Austria!!! Xena – our lovely warrior from the local shelter

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Xena and aunt Katrin at home 🙂

NEWS 25 June 2012 – Xena  is now reserved for going home in Austria!!!

XENA was one of the many puppies from the public shelter,until one day, that day, the day when we met – 27 May 2012…she struggled to get someone’s attention escaping from the kennels and she was lucky to meet me on my 2nd visit at the shelter….i negociated her rescue and here we are ♥

Xena – Rescue Day – 27 May 2012

Now she’s in my care and we are trying to find sollutions for her…Xena is sweet , gentle, loving girl…We started her vaccines and she is under treatment for demodecia…Soon she will be ready to go home, but she has no home, no family…If you can offer her a chance, a family, please contact us.




Puppies from our local shelter want to live too

08 July 2012 – new visit day at the shelter, new babies found at the gate outside the shelter :(…2 lovely scared boys left on the street, outside the shelter…2 little sweet souls abandoned

2 lovely scared boys abandoned at the gate of the local shelter

07 July 2012 – 3 of the babies from the shelter that started veterinary treatments today……we don’t know if they will survive, but we need to give them a chance…and they are only 3…so many others there needing a chance but not enough resources to make it possible…we must choose all the time and this time we choosed them…please pray with us for them to live

3 lovely musketeers from the local shelter

I choosed to make them pictures because i want my friends to see and know that we are trying to do something more with the donations received from you for a case or the other….

The shelter babies, the shelter dogs, they are the unseen face of our rescue mission…I avoided for so many time to go there, to see them , to face this reality….The local shelters are places were death is a common thing 😦

I am still far from being a shelter daily visitor because my job doesn’t allow me to be there in their schedule time, but thanks to a wonderful lady from here , i start to get used with this reality and i cry less trying to do more to help them…

We created today a special chipin for shelter babies….We will try to treat them step by step, but we can’t guarantee that they will live long enough to be promoted for adoption…For many it may seem to be a lost cause but i dear to believe that we can do something to help them …So please, if you can help us , any penny can make the difference for them

If you can help us to help them, please do not hesitate to contact us :
Email :
Paypal Account –
Aniela Ghita Euro IBAN :RO74 RNCB 0623 0692 3079 0002
Aniela Ghita RON IBAN :RO04 RNCB 0623 0692 3079 0001

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