Stumpy and the Magic Word!

Hello! My name is Stumpy and I have been living in the UK for a long time now. I was adopted after Hector-Pie. You can read all about him in one of the earlier articles.

I am about ten years old but I seem to get younger every day. I think its because I sleep in a real bed with my humans and I eat lots of sardines and sausages. I was so lucky to be rescued by Hope for Romanian Strays. I was attacked by other dogs and I had a nasty wound on my side. I was very thin because I was bullied and I really needed to find a new home. I couldn’t believe it when I travelled to the UK and found a home with Hector. We did so many exciting things together! We travelled in a campervan and we went to a lot of different countries. You can see my campervan below : )

I would like to ask you to help Hope for Romanian Strays if you can.

First of all, I need to tell you a magic word! I learned this word when I was travelling in Czech Republic in my campervan, when my human was trying to speak in Czech language. The magic word is  –


Please say this word three times in a row now! DOBBY DIBBLE! DOBBY DIBBLE! DOBBY DIBBLE!

You can use this word to mean a lot of things. You can say it instead of swearing! : )) or hello and goodbye! The humans here cant stop saying it now. I hope that this new word will stay in your memory and every time you think of it you will remember to help Hope for Romanian Strays!

You can help so much by doing these simple things-

*Share posts on Facebook to spread the word about the charity

*Consider adopting or fostering a dog or cat

*Donate to help buy food, medical supplies, equipment and pay vets bills

*Tell everyone you can about Hope for Romanian Strays -so even if you cant adopt someone you know might be able to

*Hold fundraising events like a cake stall, boot sale, sponsored dog walk, car wash and help get more media coverage

*Sponsor a dog or cat each month and help pay for their care or pay towards their travel costs to a foster placement

Thank you for reading my story and for helping in any way you can. If you would like to ask me any questions please contact me. Love Stumpy xxx


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