Month: October 2013

Global protests against the massacre of Romanian stray dogs

The plight of Romanian stray dogs is slowly but surely getting more global response and some media attention – at last! In Europe there have been numerous protests, for example in London outside the Romanian Embassy and in numerous locations in Germany (link to post in German).  In Brussels people also gathered to raise the issue at the EU, during a meeting on animal welfare and you can see a great video taken from inside the event here.  Part of this protest also was a chain of dog pictures from around the world, under the title “Send a dog to Brussels” which is a great idea.  The final handover of images will be on the 4th November so if you would like to participate you you can find more information here. There was even a protest in New York, where the Guardians of Rescue organised a demonstration to raise awareness and add their voice to the uproar against this inhumanity.

Send a dog to Brussels

Send a dog to Brussels

For those of us working on the ground in Romania, having to deal with the realities of this level of animal abuse, it is heartening to know that our cries for help are being heard.  We have been fighting the cruelty as best we can but as a small charity there is only so much we can do.  Hopefully as more and more people lend their voice to this campaign against the horrific treatment the animals face in Romania something will finally be done.

It is high time that Romania comes in line with the rest of the EU and starts to treat animals in a humane way.  It is high time that dogs are no longer beaten to death on the  streets or thrown into  shelters where they are left with minimal food and no medical care.  It is high time that Romania faced up to its responsibility in a humane and civilised way – and not in the current corrupt and cruel way.  It is high time Romania stoped missuing EU funds given for neutering programmes and ignoring legislation that was put in place to ensure that people register their pets.

The answer for Romanian is clear.  Enforce laws that ensure all pet owners get their dogs neutered and registered.  Deal with the endemic corruption that has led to such a missue of EU funding and the total failure as a result of neutering programmes.  Ensure animal welfare guidelines are enforced nationally, including in shelters – make sure that the dogs are well treated, cared for.  Stop the blatant and rampant abuse that is currently happening by arresting people who beat dogs to death. And stop putting un-neutered male and female dogs together in the shelters – any dog in a shelter should be neutered upon arrival – it is as simple as that.  Finally support charities that are trying to help and that are trying to rehome dogs.

As winter approaches, and the conditions in the shelters will get worse, we had hoped to be able to concentrate on fundraising to be able to improve the conditions in the shelter, however right now we are still focusing on trying to get as many dogs out and trying to rescue as many injured dogs as possible.  Every day we pray that it will stop and we pray that finally with the world starting to pay attention that conditions for the dogs of Romania will improve.

Thank you for standing up for the rights of these poor dogs and thank you for your support. 30.10.13

The horror still continues with little hope in sight

For those of us who are involved in trying to rehome and help stray animals in Romania the last few weeks have been extremely tramatic and upsetting.  Conditions for strays in Romania have always been bad, and we have reported in the past about the mass “euthanisia” pogroms where dogs in the street are poisoned or beaten to death. However these have always been one off incidents, a reality and a constant fear but none the less not a daily occurance.  These last few weeks this has suddenly changed with a mass hysteria and frenzy of attacks against dogs, all as the result of one dog attack.  The pictures and stories coming out of Romania are shocking.  They are horrific.  They are truly barbaric.  Most of all they show a level of inhumanity and violance towards other living beings that has rarely been seen on this scale in our time – and this is happening in an EU country.  People on the ground, working day to day with shelters, rescuing dogs and even pet owners, are now living in constant fear – not only for the dogs but in some cases for themselves too as there have been cases of people walking dogs being attacked while their dogs are beaten to death.  Photos show gangs of men beating dogs to death with bricks, streets littered with the bodies of dead dogs and there has even been a report of a dog being raped.  How can this be happening?!

This video shows some of the horror – but be warned it is extremely upsetting.

Across the world people are speaking out in outrage and there have been demonstrations and petitions.  This blog alone has seen a huge response to the posts we have written and we have also been contacted by journalists.  As if often tthe case though so far this has not become an interest that has sparked any political interest, despite the blatant breaking of EU laws.  However this will hopefully soon change with large demonstrations planned in Brussels in conjunction with an EU meeting around animal welfare.  This along with growing interest from the media will hopefully help start to put an end to the horror in Romania.  In the meantime though we cannot risk any more lives and we have to continue to get as many dogs to safety as possible.  We ourselves got 14 dogs out of Romania today, all going to foster and forever homes in other European countries.  There are many many more in need of homes.

Through this all we also have to deal with the day to day tradegy that happens  in Romania, like poor Maya who was hit by a car two months ago and has somehow managed to survive despite having lost half her back leg and having spinal damage.  Not one person thought to help her or get her to a vet – and every day people would pass by this clearly severely injured dog.  Whether she will make it or not we don’t know but we will do all we can to help her and if she has not hope then to make sure she at least has no more pain and sees some love before going over the rainbow bridge.  Along we her we also have two new medical cases rescued from the shelter – two little puppies both of whom are ill as a result of the poor conditions in the shelter. Once they are better we hope to get them out of Romania or into safe housing too – but for now they are safe in foster care and being well looked after.

Maya's severely injured back legs

Maya’s severely injured back legs

Injured Maya

Injured Maya

Tina and Mina at the vet's

Tina and Mina at the vet’s

Tina and Mina ill but safe

Tina and Mina ill but safe

Now more than ever we will need supporters to help us keep paying for the day emergencies like Maya, but also so that we can start a concerted drive to save as many dogs from this animal holocaust as we can.  We will shortly be starting a formal fundraiser campaign.  We could really do with some corporate and private sponsors, people who can help fundraise, and people who can foster dogs while they are found forever homes and best of all people who can give one of these poor souls a safe and happy future.  The sad thing with all of this – most of these dogs are still trusting and friendly and we know from experience they make the most amazing pets, bringing so much joy and love into households.  They all deserve better so please help us help them!