Month: June 2015

Happy summer Tails!

29.06.15Trying to rescue dogs in Romania is an incredibly hard and demoralising thing to do.  Every day dogs die.  Every day more puppies get dumped.  Every day there is some new horror and every day we struggle with our limited to funds to save as many of these poor souls as we can.  It is heart wrenching and exhausting.  The thing that helps keep us going though are our happy tails.  It is seeing all the dogs that we have managed to save happy and free in their new homes that brings that glimmer of hope that keeps us going.

Anastasia - from the horror of Romania to the love of a family

Anastasia – from the horror of Romania to the love of a family

Our dream of hope

23.06.15-3If you have been following our blog or Facebook page you will know that we are often overwhelmed with sick, injured, very young or old dogs who need special care.  Sadly for most of these the only place for them is the shelter.  The sick and injured get to spend time in the vet’s kennels but once they are better sadly we have to send most of them back to the shelter, often back to the same place that they were originally injured.  Last year, and again this year, we were allowed to make improvements at the shelter to build special separate kennels for the young puppies.  Puppies that make it into the puppy kennels no longer have to fear getting attacked, and even killed, by the adult dogs, and they do not have to starve as they no longer have to share their food with bigger, stronger dogs.  Funding allowing we vaccinate them and provide them with special puppy food to improve their chances of survival.  Thanks to these improvements we have managed to bring the death rate down a little from 90% but still far too many die.  Finally older dogs have no where to go and have to face a miserable old age and reduced chances of survival in a shelter where they have to compete with, and defend themselves against, younger stronger dogs.  Often these older dogs will have been pets that have never had to defend themselves on the streets but have now found themselves dumped at the shelter while their “family” decides they no longer want them due to their old age.

We are redesigning – please be patient!

Under constructionAs per our previous post we are in the process of resigning.  We have selected a new style but we now we need to implement it so that all our photos are visible and our website has full functionality.  None of your donations are going towards this redesigning – it is all being covered by a private donor.  The reason for our redesign is as follows: