Month: October 2012

A happy puppy new beginning

It is always lovely to write about our happy tails and today’s is about pretty little Annie, one of our rescue puppies, who is now a very happy and spoiled German citizen.  One of our members came across Annie as she lay injured outside one of the shelters when she about four months old.  How she came to be there we have no idea but she was probably dumped like a piece of rubbish and left to fend for herself.  The shelter agreed to take her in, despite already being full to capacity. Despite her injury she was a bright and bubbly little girl who clearly just wanted to play and be loved.  How anyone could have left such an adorable little soul lying injured in the dirt is unfathomable but unfortunately this happens on a regular basis.

Annie sitting outside the shelter with a broken leg

She received the treatment she needed as well as getting all her vaccinations, de-worming and once she was fit enough, she was also neutered.  This step in itself is more than most of the strays in Romania get, but we wanted to do more for sweet little Annie.  This is where some of our wonderful supporters came in.  We had godmother Chris who helped with funding for Annie and then the wonderful Mehr family agreed to foster her for until we found her a good forever home.  Here she really was able to blossom and from the photos she was clearly a lovely happy little girl.

And then finally came the great news that Annie was going to be adopted and would have a forever home with a family in Germany. It is moments of good news like that this really make all the effort worth while – there is nothing better than hearing that one of these poor abandoned souls who have had such a tough life will finally move somewhere where they will be surrounded by love and live a happy, safe life.  The recent photos of Annie show that she has obviously settled in very well, made herself at home and stolen the hearts of her new family!  As anyone who has ever taken in a rescue animal will tell you – the love they give you is unquestioning and unwavering.  All these animals want to do is to love you and have you love them back (and perhaps give them the odd cuddle of course).

Annie is one of the lucky ones but we have still got so many rescued dogs waiting for their chance of a happy, safe forever home where they can love and be loved.  In particular we have two rescues who were brought to us at about the same time, both with very sad stories.

Mishu was brought to us with a severe head trauma, more dead than alive and in extreme pain.  He had a fractured skull and for a time we did not know if he would ever recover as he lay in a coma and then when he woke had trouble standing.  But Mishu was a fighter and clung on to life and pulled through and with the help of a considerable amount of medical care, and love, was soon on the path to recovery.

Ricky was a young little puppy, found close to where Mishu was found, with a very nasty infected wound which the vet suspects was a dog wound.  The poor little chap needed surgery and then had to stay in paid foster care, with Mishu, until he had recovered.

Both would have died in considerable pain, alone and cold on the street without our intervention.  Now they are both fit and healthy young dogs, full of love to give but very unhappy as they are stuck in the shelter, with very little room to play and the freezing Romanian winter is rapidly approaching. We would really love to find them homes before winter as both of these young dogs have already gone through so much in their short lives we do not want to see them spending a cold winter in the shelter – they deserve to be cuddled up in a warm forever home and play under a Christmas tree inside.  Can you help them?  Do you know anyone who may have a place for them?  Alternatively would you like to pay for their foster care so that we can move them out of the shelter into a bit more comfort?  Purse strings are tight for everyone at the moment but the value a rescue dog brings to a home is invaluable and worth every penny and both these boys deserve a chance of a new life.

If you can help in anyway please let use know or support us through donations through paypal using our email address:

Little Ricky is waiting for his chance of a new happy beginning in a loving home – can you help him?

Cats for adoption!

They need adopters….They are all ready to go home anytime but they have no home yet…Please share!

Don interviews rescue kitty Jack

Hello all – Don here with Jack, one of Hope for Romanian Strays’s happy tails cats.

Jack as a kitten before he found his forever home


Don: Hello Jack, thank you for taking the time to talk to us today. Could you perhaps start by telling us a little about your younger days and how it is that ended up with Hope for Romanian Strays?

Jack: Hmmm where should I start?  I was just a tiny baby when I first met my foster mom Aniela, in the house were I was born.  At that time she was not yet part of an organisation, she was just a lady who was trying to help another lady. Our mom at that time mixed things up and her so called love for animals was soon transformed into a big problem.  She did not have my parents “done” and soon the number of us grew and grew and she was unable to take care of so many souls.  Without proper veterinary care and food, most of my cousins died there but our generation was lucky to survive because our rescue mom Aniela understood the problem and she started our veterinary treatments straight away.  To give you a general idea of how difficult that was let me tell you that we were over 40 kitties in only one room and only half of us survived, the newborns dying one by one.  Only 3 of the little babies at that time survived and those are lucky indeed because Bitza and Smokey got adopted and Picky is still with mom Aniela.

Jack with his brothers and sisters when they all still young and homeless

Don: Gosh – that’s quite some story! But you have now found not one but two forever homes?! I hear you had one family adopt you but you were so popular that a visiting family decided they wanted to take you with them. Is this true?!

Jack: Because she loves us all and she wants us to be happy mom Aniela did her best to promote us all for adoption. Petry found me on a Romanian site and she decided suddenly to adopt me for her mom, who recently lost one tomcat that she loved and spoiled.  Everything was ok but when I arrived at the new place I found there was already kitty there, so I was a little bit shocked because I thought I was going to be the only kitty there.  They told me that the kitty is also a rescue and that she will leave soon for a new home in Italy, were the sister of my new Romanian mom is living, but no, I didn’t wanted to listen to that!  During this time, the Italian family who wanted to adopt the kitty heard about my adoption in Romania and they had a chat with my new Romanian mom until they all agreed: the other rescue kitty will remain with my Romanian mom because they love each other already and they can’t be seperated.  I meanwhile will travel to Italy with my new family, who came all the way from Italy to pick me up – if you can believe it!

Don: Oh my cat you are moving to Italy then? Well that should be lovely. Are you excited about becoming an Italian kitty then?

Jack: Oh yes I am. I hear they have fabulous ham over there and are real foodies so I am looking forward to some great nosh. After my early days where there were so many of us around the food bowls it will be great to have my own bowl – but especially if it is full of Italian delicatessen!

Don: Now of course you were not always called Jack were you?

Jack: No you are right – I was actually originally called Beau. Whilst that was a lovely name (and I am a very handsome kitty so it did suit me) I felt that as I was moving to Italy I needed a name that added a certain amount of gravitas but would also distinguish me a bit more from the local Italian cats. My new family suggested Jack which I think has a slight debonair yet serious ring to it – perfect for my new life I think.

Jack ready for his journey to his forever home in Italy

Don: Yes Jack certainly is a great name. Now one final question which I just have to ask – how do you feel as a boy kitty having a rather girly pink collar?

Jack: Oh Don I knew you would ask that! It is actually quite funny because a few people have commented on my collar but I have a couple of answers for you. Firstly of course there is the fact that my little sister, now your sister, Baby, is wearing a blue collar which makes me feel that the male female colour thing really is no longer quite so relevant. The other reason is that as I am off to a very style conscious country I really needed to look very with it and fashionable and pink is this season’s must-wear colour for collars. I think I look quite dashing in pink – don’t you think?

Don: Indeed you do Jack! Well that’s it from me – thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me today. Do you have any final words you would like to share?

Jack: Thank you Don and thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my story. I would like to also say a massive thank you to Hope for Romanian Strays for rescuing me and then for finding me a forever home. Without them I would be out on the streets now and possibly even dead. They do such a good job and are in fact still looking after 15 other cats – some of them my brothers and sisters – and are trying really hard to find them good forever homes too. Maybe someone reading this interview would like to give one of them a home – or at least contribute to their upkeep until they find a home? That really would be great!

Jack’s sisters and cousins still waiting for forever homes


Jack’s brothers and cousins still waiting for forever homes