Month: January 2015

Thrown away like rubbish for being old

011The Don here. Once again I have been asked to interview some of the dogs from the Bucov shelter, to hear their point of view on their life in Romania and what some of their hopes and dreams are for this year.  This time I am going to be interviewing some of the elderly dogs from the shelter.  We often talk about the young and the injured dogs but we often forget the elderly dogs who are just as much in need of our care and help.  Many of these poor souls have been dumped by their owners simply because they got old.  This is very sad. Today I will be talking to Domino, Pavarotti, Bobby, Alex, Pumpkin, Teddy, Oreo and Jones, all senior citizens living in the Bucov shelter.

2014 the year that was. 2015 the year that will be.

01.01.15_15As we welcome in a new year we also take time to reflect that year that we just left behind.  2014 was another great and at the same tragic year for Hope for Romanian Strays.  As always we started the year in the cold and wet of the shelter, fighting desperately to feed, treat and save the poor souls trying to survive there.  As always there was a constant stream of strays that were brought to the shelter, either by dog catchers or by “owners” dumping their pregnant dogs and puppies at the gates. At the start of 2014 there were over a 1000 souls in the shelter.