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Hope for Romanian Strays

Romania is not a country where you wish to be re-born as a dog. Dogs are mostly considered vermin or used as animals that protect your yard on a chain. Since 2013 killings are legal again in Romania, and since then dogs are chased, hunted and killed everywhere. Abandoning unwanted dogs in the forest or along the streets is common. Dogs as pets are not usual.

But in all that darkness there is light. People like Aniela Ghita, who spend their life for the animals in need. Mostly dogs, but also cats. It makes me happy to see the commitment that she and her organization put into the street animal rescue.
stefan wolf with archie
But the view is much wider than taking them off the streets. Rescue means not only collecting the animals from the streets and out of shelters, but also preparing and sending them to a better future in western Europe. Vaccination and sterilization are important parts of that campaign – not only in the private shelter but also offered to peasants and private owners, to sterilize their dogs – so the population is reduced. Recently, they started adoption days, where Romanians can adopt dogs from the shelter, a completely new and unusual approach to get dogs out of the shelter.

It is that comprehensive approach that makes „Hope for Romanian Strays“ work so valuable. The organization is funded by private donors from mostly Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and organizations like their main sponsor from Germany, ProDog Romania e.V. Also smaller foreign organizations like Tierhilfe Lebenswert e.V. support Aniela’s work for the strays.

Thanks, Aniela,  for all you do for those who cannot care for themselves – the dogs and cats of Ploiesti, Romania.

Stefan Wolf
2. Chairman Tierhilfe Lebenswert e.V.



Last winter a call for help arrived from Romania. Miron, our big boy, had an inquiry from a man who wanted to get Miron as guard dog. For Miron this would have meant a life in shackles.


Aniela called us in despair and luckily we just had found for another big guy, who lived at our foster place, a home recently. So the place for “the big boy” was free again and we didn’t bother to take Miron.

In the beginning, everything was fine but after a few weeks Miron showed aggressive behaviour towards some of our dogs – we had to seperate him from the others which is very sad because we live with our dogs like a big family – all together in our old farm house.

Miron has his own kennel and he is very modest: The only important thing for him seems to be a place, where he can lay around and enjoy the summer sun. Towards people, even strangers, he is absolutely nice, loves to be cuddled and brushed.

So, still we are trying to find a nice place to live for him. Sometimes it takes a while but we are sure that his big day will come! Although we are not happy with the circumstances that he has to live alone in a kennel we know that this is better than living on a chain for the rest of his life. And Micha takes him for long walks every day into the forest which he enjoys muchly. You wouldn’t imagine but big Miron indeed loves to hunt – he is on the leash, don’t worry, but sometimes Micha needs lots of power to get hold of Miron who wants to run after deer.

This week we make another try and publish a small article about him – maybe the right person will show up – fingers crossed for teddy bear Miron! He deserves a real home so much!


Vroni’s story started as a sad one and developed into a real happy end:

In Aniela’s Sanctuary of Hope it could be seen that she had bad problems with one of her front paws which she didn’t use anymore. Medical treatment was urgent, it was obvious that she suffered from pain and luckily one of our private foster places was free and could take her to Germany.

She was brought to a clinic immidiately and the diagnosis is, as already said above: arthrosis.

People who suffer from arthrosis know that medical treatment is necessary to ease the pain and Vroni already feels much better with it. The vet also decided to give her laser treatment twice a week – after two weeks of treatment she already uses her paw again and likes to go for short walks with her foster mom.

In autumn her teeth will be taken care of by the vet. Unfortunately she also suffers from a special form of Dirofilaria (skin worms) – that is, even if it sounds rather ugly, no problem to be treated. There is a medicine called “Advocate” which she has to be given for the duration of nine months. It kills eggs and larvae of the worms – adult worms will die soon of age and then she is “free” again.

Very soon, when she is healthy and strong again, we are going to look for a wonderful new home for her where she gets all that she deserves: love, love, and extra love… (Yes, she gets so much love already in her foster place 😉 and the story shall go on like this!)


Introducing “Tierschutzhof Gieshübel” – a German Foster and Partner of Sanctuary of Hope since 2016

Since September 2016 we, Jess and Michael, run a foster place for Romanian strays and until today have found for more than 120 dogs a new home.

Now, we have the opportunity to publish our news also on this blog – thanks to our friend Aniela.

The love and passion for animal welfare connects us deeply and since we met – more coincidentally (or fateful?) – the contact has never been broken.

Sometimes we are sad that, since we are responsible for the wellbeing of our own dogs here, we are no longer able to travel to Romania much often. Every day there is so much to do – live animals need care and that is what we do, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Our last journey took place in May2017 – 8 days full of emotional struggle, hard work, tears and laughter, hope and despair. We left Aniela with a load of donations (most of it food), and the promise that we’d come back soon, but still we are waiting for this opportunity.

Maybe we can put a smile on your faces when you read our stories here on this platform. We want to show you that there IS hope – even if the way to a better life for any stray is still a long and hard one. In less than two years we have achieved a lot with just a few passionate people who give their lives to make things better and every life we saved gives us the power to go on.

And we say: We will never give up! Together with our Romanian friends we already achieved more we could ever dream of.

And now we are going to share the great stories of our rescued dogs here with you – I hope I will find some time every week to send news from Germany to you. We are 27 hours by car away but our thoughts are always with you, Aniela!

So – take a look now and then and hopefully enjoy our stories for you…


Blessings from “far far away”,