Month: April 2013

Going once . . . going twice . . . sold!

Yes that is right – it is auction time!  As part of our fundraising drive this year we will be organising an online auction of both products and also of skills and services.  We have just started reaching out for donations for the auction and we will actively be gathering item pledges of the next few weeks to ensure a wide range of products and services to temp people with.  Some of the items already pledged include handmade soaps made to order as well as original artwork by award winning artists.  Some of the services pledged include business offers such as 1 day of consulting or a twitter lesson.  We will also have some interesting items such as bed & breakfast in Barcelona – where you could get to meet the famous Don and Ninja!

The goal of this fundraising is as always to try to improve the lot of stray and injured animals in Romania.  In particular we would like to have sufficient funding to cover:

  1. Improved Shelter conditions – we would like to provide more robust dog houses and try to provide a seperate area for puppies and injured dogs to increase their chances of survival at the shelter (currently there is a 90% mortality for puppies in the main shelter).
  2. Vaccinations and emergency care – we want to carry on with our programme of vaccinating puppies and covering the vet bills for injured animals from the shelter and streets
  3. Neutering programme – we want to carry on the vital neutering programme we started last year to try to reduce the number of strays on the streets and in shelters

The more funds we can raise with this fundraising drive the more we can do and the more animals we can save and rescue.  We are asking that people contact us with items – be they products or services – that they could donate to the auction.  Perhaps you have some left over Christmas gifts that you do not use or a skill that you think people would bid for?  Or perhaps you know a local shop that might donate an item or two?  We are happy to showcase business logos on our website and auction page for companies that wish to contribute.

Of course also once the auction goes live in a few weeks please come and join and bid for items that interest you – the more bidding the more funds we raise and the more dogs we save!

If you would like to help or can contribute items please email us at with details of the item and an image we can use on the website.

Many thanks!

Will you help me get out of the mud?

Will you help me get out of the mud?



It has been a very tough winter in Romania, in particular for the puppies in the shelter.  There is a 90% mortality rate for puppies in the general shelter where they succumb to disease, starvation and cold, or they get attacked, injured and killed by the adult dogs.  The conditions in the shelter are heartbreaking, with our volunteers finding new dead and dying dogs with each visit, while the survivors huddle in the mud and snow. It would be so much easier to turn a blind eye and walk away rather go to visit and be subjected to such misery, but our visits can mean life or death to so many dogs we cannot do that.

Through all this bleakness however are happy stories and there is always hope and it is this, along with the possibility of alleviating some of the animals’ misery, that keeps us going.  Recently we have taken in a large number of puppies, in some cases stopping people at the shelter gates and offering to pay for the animals upkeep if they can keep them in their care until we can find them homes.  This of course uses up our precious resources but we have no choice – watching as people abandon the puppies at the shelter means inevitably means watching the puppies die and we cannot do this.  We have also taken particularly ill or weak puppies out of the shelter into care and we are working with the shelter to try to encourage them to create separate areas for puppies and weak dogs.

All of this takes resources however and as always we have very limited funds and are 100% dependent on donations.  Every cent goes to the animals – whether it be to vaccinate puppies, get adult dogs neutered or pay for vet bills; we make no profit nor do we take any money as “admin” fees.  We donate our time and love and we are grateful to everyone who can donate even a few Euros to help us carry on this work.

And it is worth it!  Looking at some of the dogs we have rescued and found homes for (post coming soon) and watching the puppies we have found foster care for outside of the shelter grow and play is a huge reward.  To be able to carry on funding this vital work we have now launched a fundraiser and will be starting various activities to try to raise more funds – to pay off our mounting debts with the local vets but also to pay for improved conditions in the shelter and more care for these poor souls left to fend for themselves in the most appalling conditions.  Please join us in raising funds – donate via paypal ( or bank, share our posts and stories, or contact us to find out how you can help.

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