Kitties in need!!! They have no adopters!!!

Our kitties here have a very sad story, it is the story of a cat lover that didn’t realised that her love for cats can be transformed so easy in a tragedy….The lady had a few kitties , she didn’t sterilised any of them and in less than one year her kitties gave birth to  other kitties , more kitties, many kitties…Unfortunately, since we discovered their case ( 20 May 2012 ) and until now, most of the tiny babies, too small to fight against illnes , died.…We pray for them to rest in peace and we are sorry that they were born in Romania, the country were sterilisation is still a myth…

Some of our vaccinated kitties are adopted now, they left home, we were able to build for them a happy story : Greg,Pufa,Feya,Willie, Victor and very soon Tommy too, are part of our happy tails stories…But behind them , many brothers/sisters/cousins remained without a really family to care for them….Please look at them, share they story and help us find them a good home sharing between friends!!! They are now fully vaccinated and they can leave to their new homes as soon as we find them the proper adopters!!!

If you can’t take home one of them you can be part of their happy story helping us to covers some of their vet expenses, for vaccines and medication, plus food expenses, because as you all know by now, it’s difficult to keep more than 30 cats healthy and well without feeding them properly and without veterinary care…Thank you!!!

If you can help us to help them, please do not hesitate to contact us :
Email :
Paypal Account –
Aniela Ghita Euro IBAN :RO74 RNCB 0623 0692 3079 0002
Aniela Ghita RON IBAN :RO04 RNCB 0623 0692 3079 0001


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