Still no action against the inhumane situation in Romania

539027_525399720872406_788847779_nThe public anger and shock at the new law in Romania and the sanctioned slaughter of stray dogs is growing but there has still been no action to put a stop to what is happening and the situation in Romania is still very distressing and worrying.  It now looks like the child that was supposedly killed by a stray dog was actually abused and then killed by a paedophile who used the dogs as a way to try to hide the crime.  This whole vendetta against the dogs has now been used to cover up a far more heinous crime and also place a huge question mark on how the government was able to bring in and sign off a new law based on an unverified act.

There have been demands and numerous petitions asking the Romanian government, other EU governements (such as Germany and UK) as well as the EU itself to step in and stop this madness.  Numerous of these petitions point out that what is happening in Romania goes against the EU treaties signed by the Romania government which state that dogs are sentient being and should be treated humanely.  Apparently the Romanian government has denied that there is any inhumane slaughter happening in Romania – which clearly belies the photos and on the ground reports we are getting.  There is also very clear documented evidence from a few months ago of what exactly the sanctioned “death squads” do when they “humanely euthanise” strays – namely that they poison them by putting poison out on the streets.  This is not only inhumane it is indiscriminate.  As to the Romanian government’s response this is hardly surprising.  I suspect if they were also asked about the levels of corruption that are behind some of the problems with strays and shelter conditions they would also deny this.  After all what politician is going to step up and agree that actually yes they are going against the EU treaties and laws?!

What is now needed is continued and increased pressure from the ground up, from people like you and I, at international level, demanding that politicians finally  listen to the people and not each other.  We need to demand that the EU finally starts looking into this inhumane actions that are happening and have been happening in Romania, and demand that Romania start complying with the EU treaties.  We need to make ourselves heard and we need to tell politicans that their inaction is not acceptable.  We need to demand a stop to this animal abuse and cruelty – we have had enough!  I personally am fed up of the frustration, of the tears and of the heartbreak at seeing the cruelty and inhumanity that the animals in Romania are subjected to.  I want it to stop and I believe being a member of the EU is not a right but a position that is earned and comes with a duty to abide by the laws and treaties of the EU.  It also comes with an obligation to meet certain, civilized standards, including animal welfare.  It is time Romania stepped up and met its obligations.

If you want to carry on the fight and help raise our voice against the inhumanity and cruel treatment of strays in Romania there are a number of ways (see the list below).  Also remember that the more dogs we can get into foster care or forever homes the more dogs we can save.  Please do contact us if you know of anyone who take a stray dog – and rescue a life – or if you could sponsor a dog so that we can pay to get a dog into foster care and off the streets.


Saturday 21st September, 12 noon, outside the Romanian Embassy in South Kensington, London

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Contact you local politician or the Romanian embassy in your country.  Contact your local press and ask them why they are not covering this issue.


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  1 comment for “Still no action against the inhumane situation in Romania

  1. Sandra
    March 26, 2017 at 7:07 pm

    I hope it happens to you. I would not give two shits for a piss poor excuse of a human that you people are. You do not deserve to breathe the breath of life. It should happen to you that would be great. Know that evil breeds evil.

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