May 2018 – 2nd Anniversary Sanctuary of Hope

No mather how much i try to figure out a way to be more present here with new interesting posts about our work i end up making promises that i cannot keep since our work here on the ground doesn’t allow us the luxury of spending too many hours in front of the computer, our most and basical online activity is made on social networks , from mobile phone , fast updates from the shelter or veterinary clinic, with permanent appeals for help since this is  the only way for being able to help all the dogs and cats in our care , trough the help of our amazing donors and followers .

May 2018 it was not one of our best months in general speaking but it is a happy anniversary month since we are celebrating two years since our dream became real , we signed the contract and we opened the gates for the very first time at Sanctuary of Hope, a private shelter that is hosting currently more than 500 souls, dogs and cats rescued by our orga, Hope for Romanian strays 20180420_105233.jpg

We don’t know what the future will bring to us but we will keep alive the “HOPE” of a better tomorrow for all the souls in our care since we are not allowed to give up on them and their hope for salvation , that is why we will try our very best to become more visible and more social here on our official page also since we want you to know our dogs and cats, we want you to see them as we see them daily, we want you to be able to understand our need to keep them safe until their rescue day will come .

Yours with love ,



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