Grandma May – a little old dog you can hardly describe in words

Just over a year ago I saw this little old creature. She was abandoned in public shelter by those that were supposed to be her humans , blind, deaf and otherwise in bad shape. With the first view it was clear that Grandma May (I became her godmother and was allowed to choose the name) is “my dog” and has to come to me.
Together with Gertrude I could convinced Aniela that Grandma May was allowed to travel to me. Aniela did everything to make me aware of my responsibility. “You know that she is very old”. Yes I know. Sometimes she barks without reason and does not stop. No problem. Maybe she will not live much longer. Yes that can be. And she also has to pee more often than younger dogs. Also no problem for me … and so on and on…


So in August 2017 Grandma May came to Germany.  A small, thin, scrubby something … not a handful of size.

At the beginning, we really thought we talk about weeks … but grandma was getting better and better. We became optimistic and talked about months … and now? Now she is with us for almost a year and we say that this cute little dog will probably survive us. 😉
Grandma loves life. She shows us every day! She loves her people, her pack and her meals.



Grandma will only have a limited time with us, we know that! But we will enjoy every second of this time together. If she has to go someday, she will not do it alone. She will be in the circle of those who love her. Yes we love her more than words can say!!!!

Why did we choose a stray? Why not? 😉  But to answer the question, because they deserve a life in safety as well.
Why did we choose an old dog? Everyone of us is getting old and everybody wants safety in their old age … that’s why we decided to give home to an “old” dog.

Would we decide that way again? Definitely!!! Next to Grandma May we have Günther and Herbert from Bucov – also two seniors who make our “nursing home” all around perfect.

Hugs and Kiss
Jill & Grandma May



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  1. emmie poutsma
    July 3, 2018 at 9:50 am

    Love you

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