Vroni’s story started as a sad one and developed into a real happy end:

In Aniela’s Sanctuary of Hope it could be seen that she had bad problems with one of her front paws which she didn’t use anymore. Medical treatment was urgent, it was obvious that she suffered from pain and luckily one of our private foster places was free and could take her to Germany.

She was brought to a clinic immidiately and the diagnosis is, as already said above: arthrosis.

People who suffer from arthrosis know that medical treatment is necessary to ease the pain and Vroni already feels much better with it. The vet also decided to give her laser treatment twice a week – after two weeks of treatment she already uses her paw again and likes to go for short walks with her foster mom.

In autumn her teeth will be taken care of by the vet. Unfortunately she also suffers from a special form of Dirofilaria (skin worms) – that is, even if it sounds rather ugly, no problem to be treated. There is a medicine called “Advocate” which she has to be given for the duration of nine months. It kills eggs and larvae of the worms – adult worms will die soon of age and then she is “free” again.

Very soon, when she is healthy and strong again, we are going to look for a wonderful new home for her where she gets all that she deserves: love, love, and extra love… (Yes, she gets so much love already in her foster place 😉 and the story shall go on like this!)


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