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Kitties in need!!! They have no adopters!!!

Our kitties here have a very sad story, it is the story of a cat lover that didn’t realised that her love for cats can be transformed so easy in a tragedy….The lady had a few kitties , she didn’t sterilised any of them and in less than one year her kitties gave birth to  other kitties , more kitties, many kitties…Unfortunately, since we discovered their case ( 20 May 2012 ) and until now, most of the tiny babies, too small to fight against illnes , died.…We pray for them to rest in peace and we are sorry that they were born in Romania, the country were sterilisation is still a myth…

Some of our vaccinated kitties are adopted now, they left home, we were able to build for them a happy story : Greg,Pufa,Feya,Willie, Victor and very soon Tommy too, are part of our happy tails stories…But behind them , many brothers/sisters/cousins remained without a really family to care for them….Please look at them, share they story and help us find them a good home sharing between friends!!! They are now fully vaccinated and they can leave to their new homes as soon as we find them the proper adopters!!!

If you can’t take home one of them you can be part of their happy story helping us to covers some of their vet expenses, for vaccines and medication, plus food expenses, because as you all know by now, it’s difficult to keep more than 30 cats healthy and well without feeding them properly and without veterinary care…Thank you!!!

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The importance of getting cats neutered

Whilst our remit is to help strays we cannot turn our back on pleas for help either.  This is a case in point as Aniela, our founder writes:

“Sometimes too much love and care is transformed into pain and worries. This evening I had the ocasion to meet a special family, husband and wife, a family where the love for pets became a survival issue.  10 months ago the wife, a lovely lady with only good intentions, saved a few baby cats and kept them in the house. Now, after less than one year, they are overwelmed…by cats  and by problems.  Last week my vet asked me to help her and I said, yes, sure, I will call and establish a meeting to see the cats.  I called and set up the meeting , but no one prepared me for what I found there. The vet said that they have over ten cats, the lady said that she has around 20 kitties, but when I was there I lost the count.  There were so many I couldn’t count them  and I was afraid to know their total number! The people are great, but their love and their incapacity to keep up with the expenses for sterilisations has made it impossible for them to control the events. There are right now there : – 6 moms, all 4 less than one year old , (I only have managed to get pictures 4 of them, all 4 less than one year old , the grey ones, the other 2 moms and their babies where in another room);  1 male, now sterilised, pretty shy, arround 10 months old; 5 lady cats sterilised , 2 of them less than one year old and up to 3 generations of baby cats , still breast feeded by their mom, without their eyes opened yet –  I was unable to count them – and 2 generations of biger babies, still breast feeded by all mothers but ready to go home and up for adoption – also without a number for them – 1 generation of 3 months old babies, also ready for adoption – I counted 3, they may be more.

Just some of the cats with their kittens


WHAT I OBSERVED : – The cats and kitties are healthy and friendly – They all use the litter box with sand, excepting tiny little babies of course 🙂 – They are on dry food diet

WHAT I NEED TO DO: – Deworming and vaccinations are esentials for all – Sterilisations for moms as soon as their babies are old enough – ADOPTERS  for those babies and for the adult sterilised cats – Better food for the moms and babies I NEED YOUR HELP! RIGHT NOW I FEEL HOPELESS!”


This is an unfortunate case highlighting the importance of getting animals neutered.  This family has been looking after the cats but as you can see without neutering the cats what was a handfull of cats has turned into a colony – too much for this family to handle.  We are now working to fund all the sterilisations and get medical attention for all the cats.  What we need as mentioned is homes for the kittens as well as donations to help fund the vet’s bills.  Fortunately the mother cats can stay where they are which is a blessing.

If you can help in anyway please contact us at or donate to the fund for the kittens here:

Thank you!


Here are some of the cute kittens needing a new forever home