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The Eccentric Dog Lady From the UK…

I rescued my first Romanian dog in 2012.

This is how it happened.

I was looking for a dog from local rescue centres in the UK but at that time our local council and other kennels were bursting at the seams with quite large and problematic dogs. I didn’t feel that I could find the right match for my very lovely but temperamental ‘border terrorist’ cross female. I had exhausted all options within hundreds of miles in the UK, when I accidentally came across an article about the crisis of stray dogs in Romania and the horrific culls that had been taking place. I was shocked by this, I had no idea that this was happening in Europe and felt compelled to do something to help. I came across ‘Hope for Romanian Strays’ and was amazed by what one woman was trying to do with very few resources at that time, in a country with some significant problems with poverty and deprivation.

I wasn’t on Facebook myself, but soon realised that this was a vital tool in communicating across Europe and the rest of the world, to raise awareness of the serious, often vile and stomach churning abuse and killing of animals. I could not turn a blind eye to this and the only thing I could possibly think to do was to rescue at least one dog from this terrible situation. This took me on the most amazing journey, led me to a great friendship and contact with many other lovely ‘doggie people’ in Europe. I wasn’t aware of the adoption or transport process for a dog from another country and wrongly thought that this would cost a fortune and that the dog would have to endure six months in a quarantine facility. I was wrong about all of that.

The process was very simple, cost no more than adopting from a local centre and significantly less than the cost of a pedigree or ‘farmed’ puppy. (More about that later!).

I hope that this blog will help others and guide you through the process of dog adoption from Hope for Romanian Strays.

I hope it helps you to find your true doggie love! I have now rescued five dogs (Hector-pie, Stumpy, MooMoo, Teddy and Milo-potato). I will be telling you more about this in the coming weeks.

Next week I will be talking more about why we should all rescue a dog from Hope for Romanian Strays. This is a question people ask me a lot. “Why did you rescue from Romania when we have so many strays here”? It is a fair question and I will tell you all about ‘Hector-pie’ the most gentle, friendly, ice cream van obsessed, singing, loyal and lovely boy.

Bye for now.


The daily food of our cats and dogs

We have in our daily care at Sanctuary of Hope more than 500 dogs and cats , abandoned souls that depend on us for their rescue .

We spend more than 1.000 Euro weekly for their daily dry food and we need permanent support to keep the warehouse full since hunger is our first enemy in our fight for their survival.

We are buying currently

~ economical dry food for about 400 adult dogs in our shelter ( 4 Euro / 10 kg )

~ puppy food for about 100 puppies in our daily care ( 1,5 Euro / kg )

~ cat food ( 4 Euro / kg )

Thanks to our beautiful sponsors and donors we are able to make it possible for our dogs and cats to get their daily food in our good and bad days also,  we are trying our very best for them not to feel when we are down and we continue to beg for help with any possible ocasion .

That is why we are here now to ask for your help too, you can help us fill their bowls further to make their time in shelter easier until the big rescue day will come .

You can donate using any of our official accounts or you can decide to buy and send food to our shelter directly , if you think that you can make it easy and the expenses for delivery in our country are not too high . Please feel free to write us at if you consider that you can help us in any way .

Hope for Romanian Strays Official Accounts , for donations to help us feed ou beauties :
Euro Acc: RO24RZBR0000060014905466
Swift Code: RZBR ROBU
Ron Acc: RO30RZBR0000060014905455

Thank you!



Spay and Neuter Campaigns

Hope for Romanian Strays recommends and supports in all possible ways the practice of spay/neutering cats and dogs, as being the only human and legal way to prevent the birth of unwanted kittens and puppies, the only way to reduce the number of abandoned souls in need.

After 6 years of work as volunteers in public shelter we are still fighting against the abandon of unwanted puppies, with or without their mommies, so we are trying our very best to prevent this organising days of castration in public shelter, days of castration in villages and also scheduled castrations in clinics, for dogs and cats with owners.

Spay and neuter permanent campaigns represent the single most important way to reduce the sufference and death of  all unwanted cats and dogs, the only possible sollution for reducing the overpopulation of romanian strays.

Our castration campaigns are sponsored mostly by german organisation ProDog Romania e.V , but also by private donors from Austria, Germany, Finland, Switzerland and UK

The price of a castration goes up to 25 Euro / 30 USD and if you want to become an active part of our work, you can become one of the sponsors we need to sustain further our campaigns

After 6 long years of fight for their survival  we  decided to create a special page dedicated to our spay and neutering campaigns, not because we never did that before but because we need help to make more castrations possible for having less abandoned souls, less sick or dead puppies/kittens in shelter, less victims that never asked to be born in our cruel society.

If you want to help us in our mission please feel free to share and donate a little for making our path easier , only with permanent active support we can succeed

Hope for Romanian Strays Accounts:

Euro Acc: RO24RZBR0000060014905466
Swift Code: RZBR ROBU
Ron Acc: RO30RZBR0000060014905455

For more posts and updates of our work, for more pictures from our campaigns, for more happy images with our rescued cats and dogs, please visit our facebook page and follow us there , thank you .

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May 2018 – 2nd Anniversary Sanctuary of Hope

No mather how much i try to figure out a way to be more present here with new interesting posts about our work i end up making promises that i cannot keep since our work here on the ground doesn’t allow us the luxury of spending too many hours in front of the computer, our most and basical online activity is made on social networks , from mobile phone , fast updates from the shelter or veterinary clinic, with permanent appeals for help since this is  the only way for being able to help all the dogs and cats in our care , trough the help of our amazing donors and followers .

May 2018 it was not one of our best months in general speaking but it is a happy anniversary month since we are celebrating two years since our dream became real , we signed the contract and we opened the gates for the very first time at Sanctuary of Hope, a private shelter that is hosting currently more than 500 souls, dogs and cats rescued by our orga, Hope for Romanian strays 20180420_105233.jpg

We don’t know what the future will bring to us but we will keep alive the “HOPE” of a better tomorrow for all the souls in our care since we are not allowed to give up on them and their hope for salvation , that is why we will try our very best to become more visible and more social here on our official page also since we want you to know our dogs and cats, we want you to see them as we see them daily, we want you to be able to understand our need to keep them safe until their rescue day will come .

Yours with love ,