Save us from the mud

29.03.15-5It is that time of year again and Spring is upon us.  The birds are chirping, the flowers are blossoming and our moods improve.  Sadly with Spring come Spring showers and with them gallons of mud for our poor shelter dogs.  The dogs have no where else to go and face spending days in wet, clogging, dirty mud, making them shiver with cold and taking the lives of those not strong enough to stand these conditions.


Last year we started making improvements in some of the kennels by paying for gravel to be put down and paying for stray for the dog houses to try to help the dogs stay warm.  The gravel helps but for the most vulnerable dogs we wanted to go one step further by providing tiled floors.  These cement tiles are the only way to really avoid the mud altogether and they also make the kennels easier to clean.



29.03.15-8We have now made improvements in a few of the enclosures and have moved the vulnerable mothers with puppies into these enclosures.  We want to do more.  We want to improve more enclosures so we can protect other vulnerable dogs, like the sick and old, from the wet, filthy mud.  We want to help turn the Bucov shelter into a better place for these stray dogs.  We want to support the shelter authorities and show them that these dogs are worth saving and that we will help with costs to keep the dogs alive.


Without this support, and without these funds, the daily death rate will escalate.  The over-crowding in the shelter is already at critical mass and the conditions are in danger of deteriorating even more.  Whatever we can do to help improve them will ensure that more dogs survive, in better conditions, rather than die of cold or starvation.

Whilst so far we have only made a small dent in the situation at the shelter, for those dogs that now live in the improved kennels it means they now live in a humane environment and the mother’s can watch their young grow up, rather than see them die before their eyes.

Please help us not only pay for the debt incurred in making these improvements but help us go further.  Help us help more dogs and show them that there are people out there that care.  Show your support for these souls by funding a cement tile for just €7 and in exchange you will get your own virtual, personalised tile to share.

Your own personalised tile

Your own personalised tile





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