Sterilisation Campaign in Local Shelter Bucov – Be part of it!

Friday 14 September , two organisations from Ploiesti , PH, Romania will start a new campaign for the stray dogs from local shelter : STERILISATION CAMPAIGN!

Hope for Romanian Strays and Asociatia pentru Dezvoltare Comunitara Ploiesti made posible for the first day of  sterilisation campaign to be sterilised arround 40 females from the shelter, mostly pregnant females, avoiding in this way to be born new shelter puppies that will end their short life in agony because of various  viruses and also bad shelter conditions…The local shelter has arround 600 dogs, abandoned by people or gathered from the street…At this moment more than half of them are not sterilised and our organisations , with the help of animal friends from all arround the world, will try to change the situation into the advantage of the dogs from there…

If you are one of our friends and you followed our stories then for sure you know about our vaccination campaign for puppies in the shelter and also about the  food events organised to feed all 600 dogs in the shelter….If you never knew about those campaign until now, then you can read our posts about them and you can choose to support our campaigns of course!

You can be part of the sterilisation campaign also ….The cost of one sterilisation is €20/$26 or 90 romanian lei…For the first campaign we scheduled 40-50 sterilisations, for which we need 800-1.000 € ; 1.040-1.300$ or 3.600-4.500 romanian lei
Huge amounts for us, impossible to realise it without the support of our friends …If you can help us to realise this important thing for the dogs from the local shelter please contribute in any possible way:

Paypal Account:
Aniela Ghita – Accounts Hope for Romanian Strays Organisation :
Euro Account: RO24RZBR0000060014905466
Swift Code: RZBR ROBU
Ron Account: RO30RZBR0000060014905455

Please attend our event and participate to our sterilisation project….Together we can do more to help them!!!THANK YOU!!!

  5 comments for “Sterilisation Campaign in Local Shelter Bucov – Be part of it!

    • EMA
      September 14, 2012 at 1:02 pm


  1. brivette
    September 16, 2012 at 3:06 am

    bonne chance !bon travail

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