Fabulous news – Lily’s nearly there!

Today we have some exciting news about one of our rescues – little Lily.  Lily was a little puppy when she rescued a while back with badly broken back leg and pelvic bones and she would not have survived on the streets or without rapid vetinary intervievention.  With lots of TLC she was nursed back to health and we were all relieved to see her walking again (a bit wobbly at times but walking!).  We then got some more great news – Aniela had found her a forever home in Germany!  It is always such a huge relief and joy when one of the rescues is adopted and we can never thank the adopters enough for giving the strays a new chance of a happy life in a loving home.  The final hurdle then is to get the stray to their new forever home – and often the transport distances and costs can be quite high.

This was the case with Lily.  Aniela had found someone to take Lily from Romania to Stuttgart in Germany but they could not take her any further.  This left us 266km or about 3 hours worth of distance left to cover.  The last few days have been very tense as we have looked around to try to find a  way to get Lily to her new home.  Now we are very happy to say that a lovely lady in Stuttgart will be providing a foster home for Lily Saturday night and I will be taking the train from Basel to Stuttgart on Sunday to pick her up and bring her back to Basel, where her new mum will then pick her up.  I am very excited to be able to help and be with Lily for the last part of her journey to her new  life.

We will keep you posted on how Lily’s journey goes and post photos of her and her new mum.  If you would like to contribute to cover the costs for a dog like Lily to get them to a new adoption home then please contact us or chip in to one of the funds we have ongoing, for example our recent batch of cats and kittens  http://aniela.chipin.com/emergency-cases-cats-and-kittens-for-adoption.

Here is a video of Lily recently going for a walk in the park.

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