Goldie – The proof that miracle do happen!!!

The stray dog that refused to die…The cronology  of a miracle , the story of a survivor :

07.05.2012 – Today I had the honor to meet Goldie…Sweet, kind, loving puppy girl, only 7 months old, hit by car and paralysed for life since yesterday!!! Goldie was happy, a stray healthy female dog, well feeded and vaccinated, ready for sterilisation tomorrow, prepaired for adoption in Germany….
Today, her life was put in a balance: a difificult balance between euthanasia and paralisy…What would you choose for Goldie?I choosed life… A difficult life, maybe, but still a happy life possible….I was right to make an appeal for life ? I believe so…I believe in life… Now I need to prove to her, to Goldie, that i didn’t choosed wrong, that i am able to find her a warm loving family, to love her as she is now, paralysed….
Thank you Mihaela Teodoru for offering me the chance to keep Goldie alive, for supporting me in this choice, for leaving your personal problems away for helping us, for driving us to Bucharest, where once again the great team of doctors from Praxis VetLife responded to our appeal without any hesitation… Thank you Issa Carmen for announcing me that this sweet soul needs our help after the terrible accident that happened yesterday…. Once again, we need your help to go further…
We need our friends to support us in this cause, to help us sharing the sad story of this sweet little innocent soul, to donate for her daily expenses…

19.05.2012 – Goldie arrived safely at the clinic in Munchen, thanks to the great efforts of two organisations, romanian and german…A great person adopted her and wants to make everything possible to offer to Goldie a good life…Tomorrow new investigations will be made for her and she will have surgery and any other treatment needed for being better before she can go home to her adopters!

22.05.2012 – Unfortunatelly now that Goldie is there in Germany our worries are higher because one of the best neurologyst in Germany recommended euthanasia…We all fight and pray for her to be ok and we requested her back in the country if they consider that Goldie doesn’t deserve a chance…She was better when she left from here, she was on dry food diet….At the clinic she refused food in the first day and she was artificially feeded..

23.05.2012 – Message from Germany:Good news from Goldie! Her health is there now much better.Today she ate like a lion 🙂 The vet says she may soon be operated on. In the same day, we received a 2nd message from Germany :Today I had some tears in my eyes, but tears of happyness!The medicine and antibiotics are working very well.The Vet says he is sorry about his first reflection and decision.He is surprised how quickly she’s better and stronger.Today there was a small miracle… Goldie has moved by itself a back leg!!! 🙂 Now it is clear for the special veterinary and her owner, Goldie get´s the spinal surgery.This is a big long and expensive surgery about 8 hours!!!She sure remains in hospital until next week.The rest is in God’s hands.

24.05.2012 – Message from Germany: Goldie had her surgery yesterday. The spinal column was directed and the nerves fixed were possible.The pool was too damaged to get it so right as it should be. The vet neurologists means that she has good prospects to walk again!Not like a greyhound but without a wheelchair 🙂 It will take time with rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

25.05.2012 – Miracles do happen!!!Thanks to the Vets-Team and all who have believed in her and prayed! Today Goldie can already sit up on her legs!!!After talking with the Vet’s Goldie stay’s some more time in the Clinic. The destination for us all is that Goldie can walk again. Therefore the Vet want some more Tests. In this time her owner plans Goldies Therapie for the next Time. For instance there is a Therapie to learn in water to walk.

13.06.2012 – She did it…Goldie is up and she made a few steps all alone…She’s under recovery but she will walk without a wheelchair :))

Wednesday Goldie left the clinic for going home to her wonderful adopters, the ones that made possible for her to walk again ♥
This is the only picture that we received from her on departure day and we must share it with you, the ones that made possible for her to be alive today…..Thank you all…We hope that we will receive further news from Goldie , happy news to share with you, her best friends ♥

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