ADOPTED by his romanian foster mom – Fluffy boy hit by car needs adopters

Fluffy, also named Labus, has a happy story…He end up being adopted by the great lady who accepted to foster him in her yard…He is now fat and happy to be spoiled!


6th June 2012: Fluffy boy hit by car

This is one of the latest rescues.  This is poor chap has been hit by a car but fortunately we found him and he is now receiving medical attention.  He is very sweet and gentle and quite fluffy and will need a loving warm home.  His medical expenses will also need to be covered so any donations for this will be gratefully received.  You can chip in to help contribute towards his vets bills:


Fluffy After Surgery – 6 June 2012

21 June 2012 – Our Fluffy boy here is still in recovery after the surgery…we have no adoption offer for him …he will start vaccines next week but we need help to cover his veterinary bills….Adoption is his only chance otherwise he will end up back in the street …Please help us sharing his story


Fluffy 21 June 2012

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