ADOPTED! Annie – Shelter baby hit on the backlegs


Annie – happy adopted in Germany


Annie – happy and spoiled in Germany

UPDATE 08 September 2012 – Annie will arrive today in Duisburg, Germany, to her new wonderful foster family

Annie – One step closer to a new happy life in Germany ❤

NEWS 27 June 2012 – Annie is out of the shelter, in foster care

Annie is a sweet soul from the local shelter….One of the 600 souls there, she was “lucky” to be hit by someone on the backlegs…why lucky? because that saved her from being locked in the kennels with the other puppies that have no chances to escape from there ….because that is how i saw her on my 3rd visit to the shelter and i start asking questions about her…now Annie is still there but she has her first vaccine done and she is waiting me to take her our of there, as soon as i find a foster sollution for her, to keep her safe until adoption…Please share for her and help us find her a good home…At this moment any help is a good help so please, if you can donate for her veterinary expenses or if you can take her home do not hesitate to contact us :

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