New Laila Shelter – Cuddly Chris

UPDATE August 2012 – Lovely Chris, now named SAM, is happy adopted in Austria 🙂

Sam(Chris) – happy and free at home in Austria!

I am getting very excited to be going to pick up Lily on Sunday and I will be posting her full story, including photos of her back when she was a rescued pup and photos of her now.  We also have a few other happy stories which we will be sharing next week and some updates from some of our rescue dogs – so get ready for some heart warming stories!

However we also have some rather unfortunate news.   The New Laila Shelter, which we work with frequently and who are currently fostering some of our rescues, has unfortuantely been asked to vacate their premises.  This means they have had to find a new home for 280 dogs.  They have found a potential farm to move to but will need to raise €10,000 to purchase it.  We will provide some more information and updates and if you would like to help or contribute to the New Laila Shelter please contact us at

We will also be helping them to try to rehome as many of their current residents as possible – including one particularly cuddly and friendly chap called Chris.  He was rescued last Christmas in a dreadful state – as you can see from the rather disturbing photo here.

Fortunately Chris was found and rescued off the street and received the medical care he needed.  He was then taken in by New Laila Shelter where he has turned into a lovely, friendly cuddly dog with a beautiful character – as the following photos show : )

As you can see Chris is a dog that had a rough start but has blossomed into a great chap  and deserves a loving, forever home.  If you know anyone who would like to adopt Cuddly Chris then please contact us at – and of as always please share this.

Thank you!


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