Sterilisation Project in Local Shelter Bucov Started Friday 14 September!

Friday 14 September  29 stray dogs from Local Shelter Bucov were sterilised…We started our project with the ones that we considered to be priorities : pregnant females … We decided so because  many puppies are dying daily in the shelters in terrible pain after days of being sick , in agony  and  so many unwanted puppies are abandoned each day in places were they can’t be found or saved .

Thanks to our great friends from all over the world we were able to offer a new chance to 29 lives from the shelter but there are other souls there that should be sterilised …There are over 600 souls in the local shelter and we estimare that more than half are not sterilised…The wonderful team of local vets  that helped us make it happen accepted already our invitation to help us next week too so we have scheduled a second session of sterilisations already.

If you would like to help us go further with this sterilisation project, please share our story, attend our event, donate for one sterilisation

We wouldn’t be here without our good friends, our sponsors, our adopters, our supporters…We are here to thank you all and to ask you to remain close to us further!

Any person who wants to be part of it , to help us realise this important thing for the dogs from the local shelter , can contribute in any possible way:

Paypal Account:
Aniela Ghita –
Accounts Hope for Romanian Strays Organisation :
Euro Account: RO24RZBR0000060014905466
Swift Code: RZBR ROBU
Ron Account: RO30RZBR0000060014905455
Please attend our event and participate to our sterilisation project….Together we can do more to help them!!!THANK YOU!!!

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  1 comment for “Sterilisation Project in Local Shelter Bucov Started Friday 14 September!

  1. Ileana Adamos
    September 16, 2012 at 12:53 am

    Thank you guys you are making the animal world a better place

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