Winter Appeal – good news and new dog shelters

The Winter Appeal that was launched this week has already had two successes – Mishu, Bobby and Sunny have been found foster homes in Austria which is fabulous news!  Anyone following our Facebook post yesterday will have seen the joy at this news – poor Sunny and Bobby have been waiting so long to get out of the shelter.  That still Mishu’s girlfriend (who we will write a special post about soon) and special needs Anda (still under veterinary care) who we are specifically working to get out of the shelter before winter.

Mishu and his girlfriend

There are however also many many other dogs who will be facing a very miserable winter in the shelter.  To this end we ordered some new dog houses to provide the dogs with a bit more shelter during the winter.  Each house provides shelter for 2 dogs and costs 70 Euros.  This is in fact a special price we have managed to negotiate – the normal price is 100 Euros – and is dependent on us buying in bulk.  We need to buy at least 10 of these houses (payment for two has already been received – thank you!).  Can you help towards the cost of one of these houses?  It is not much but for one of the strays in the shelter it could make a huge difference as the temperatures go below freezing.  We are a small new charity and we are entirely dependent on donations to try to improve the conditions for these abandonned dogs.  Please share our Winter Appeal and donate if you can – every cent goes straight to the animals.

Dog houses waiting for payment

And as always thank you!

  2 comments for “Winter Appeal – good news and new dog shelters

  1. Gertrude Gaderbauer
    November 8, 2012 at 11:30 am

    MISHU WILL COME TO AUSTRIA, TOO together with Sunny & Bobby 🙂

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