Fabulous happy photos

You may recall recently we were desperately looking for homes – permanent or foster – for some of our special case dogs.  In particular there was Mishu who had come to us with a skull fracture and whose life hung in the balance for a while.  There was also poor little Sunny who was terribly afraid of people and who was left in the shelter alone and frightened after her two brothers were adopted.  See this post for photos of them in the shelter:  https://hopeforstrays.com/2012/11/06/urgent-winter-appeal/

We were all overjoyed when a wonderful lady in Austria offered to take them into foster care until they are found permanent homes and were especially  happy to hear that Sunny would get some behavioural coaching to help her overcome her fear and make her more adoptable.  Now we have some lovely photos from Austria of the dogs – and as you can see they are in a lovely environment and are clearly happy.  It is such a huge improvement for them from the shelter and it is a great relief that they will not have to go through a harsh Romanian winter in the shelter.  To top it off there is even more good news – Sunny is getting happier around people and even gave one of her new foster carers a “kiss”!

Just chilling : )


We hope these photos bring a smile to your face!

Of course whilst this is a lovely near-ending (they are still looking for forever homes but they are a step closer) there are ever more dogs that need our help and we are still desperately short of funds to cope with the winter which is now upon us.  Just this week a new batch of puppies was dumped outside of the shelter and if they are to have any hope of survival we need to fund their vaccinations (the shelters never pay for this – they are dependent on donations from organisations such as ours).  As always every little bit will help the dogs and goes straight to the dogs.  Please consider donating, sharing or even better – offering a home to one of these poor desperate puppies.

Will you help me?



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