Larry – a Romanian stray with an very embarrassing injury

Hello – The Don here.  I have been asked to do a rather embarrassing interview.  As you know Hope for Romanian Strays often steps in when dogs at the shelter are injured.  A couple of weeks ago we got a call about poor Larry, who had a really tear-terkingly wince-worthy issue.  Chaps be warned – content will make you wince!

The Don: Hello Larry.  Thank you for taking the time to talk to me.  Now I know this is something that is really really really embarrassing for you to talk about so thank you also for being so brave to do this interview.

Larry: Thank you Don,  Yes this is going to be tough to talk about ….

Poor poor Larry

Poor poor Larry

The Don: I know, oh boy do I know!  But you know Larry hopefully someone reading this will take pity on you and give you a forever home!

Larry: Oh boy yes!  That would be awesome!

The Don: So lets start and get the embarrassing stuff over with then.  Can you tell me what happened to you and tell us about your really awkward injury.

Larry:  Ok here goes.  I was just minding my own business in shelter but as you know the shelter can be a dangerous place for us dogs.  Well one thing led to another and all of a sudden I was injured!

The Don: This is where our male readers will be about to wince right?

Larry: Yes ….

The Don: But you be brave and don’t be ashamed – tell us what happened

Larry:  Thank you Don, you really are very supportive.  Well anyway I had this accident in the shelter ….. I broke my penis!

The Don: Woah!  That’s just made my eyes water!  That must have been mega painful!

Larry: Oh you have no idea! It hurt so bad and I was in so much pain.  But I was lucky because Hope for Romanian Strays stepped in and took me to see the vet.  Unfortunately there was there nothing he could do so ….. I had to have an amputation.

The Don: So let me get this straight – they had to amputate your penis?! OMC!

Larry post-op

The Don: OMC you poor chap!  But are you alright now?

Larry: Yes thank you.  I am healing up nicely and will be able to lead a relatively normaly life, just no longer as a total chap.  It’s a shame really as I am quite a handsome chap.

The Don: Yes you are indeed – and a lovely friendly chap too.  So what happens now?  I believe you had been staying at the vet’s clinic while you healed from your horrific ordeal.

Larry: Unfortunately I am now going to have to go back to the shelter.  Now that I am healing I am no longer an emergency medical case so I can’t stay at that vets and there are just not enough foster places for dogs like me.

The Don: Oh no – but surely after such a nasty injury you could get foster care?

Larry:  If only Don, if only.  Sadly there are so many emergency cases and so many sick little puppies who woudn’t survive in the shelter that they get priority when it comes to foster care.  A big chap like me, even after such a nasty injury, couldn’t possibly take one of the few foster places when these little chaps need places.  So I am going back into the shelter where I will have to fend  for myself, which is very scary as I have no idea how the other dogs will accept me back in the shelter.

The Don:  That is so sad Larry, it really is.  I do think after going through such a traumatic thing that you have to go back into the shelter.  You really deserve a family who will take you in and won’t make fun of your lack of appendage.

Larry: Oh Don that would be so awesome!  Do you think anyone out there would want a dog like me – even though I am no longer a “complete” dog?

The Don:  I do hope so Larry.  Perhaps one of our readers know someone who would like to give you a home?  What do you say readers?  Anyone got a place for poor Larry?


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