Breaking news!!! Larry is leaving Romania!!!

Larry post penis-amputation

Larry post penis-amputation

It has been over sixth month’s since we first wrote about Larry – the dog with the unfortunate amputation.  We all felt so moved by this lovely chap’s misfortune and we hoped that the blog post would generate more interest in

Larry waiting in the shelter in Romania

Larry waiting in the shelter in Romania

him.  Sadly the first post got very little response, so we wrote another and when that didn’t work we wrote a 3rd post about Larry.  This was back in May and despite our best efforts the months continued to tick by with no one showing any interest in this special, unlucky dog.

Now we finally have some fantastic news – Larry will finally be safe!  On June 6th he will travel to Tierheim Lingen in Germany where he will be cared for until he finds his forever home.  Tierheim Lingen is an animal shelter but unlike the shelters in Romania the dogs are loved and cared for and in no danger of being killed and are far less likely to come in contact with nasty diseases or get injured.

I can’t tell you how happy we are.  This is a dog that has had his fair share of bad luck and he is a lovely chap that deserves a chance at life.  His journey will not end at the German shelter – he will have one final journey to make to his forever home, but the chapter of his life that was full of pain, suffering and constant danger will now be closed.  We still have so many dogs desperate for homes but Larry now will no longer be on our list for those that we want to save from the jaws of death in Romania.  Safe travels Larry and good luck with the new chapter in your life.  We didn’t quite find you a home for Easter but this was worth the wait!

Larry's Easter appeal

Larry’s Easter appeal


Larry in the shelter waiting for a new life

Larry in the shelter waiting for a new life

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