Interview with Romanian strays Foxy and Larry

Hello The Don here. I have been asked to have a little chat with two Romanian shelter dogs who Hope for Romanian Strays has been caring for. Both have had lots of bad luck with injury and sickness but also so much luck that they were found by our wonderful Aniela who took them out of the shelter so that they could receive treatment.

Now you may remember Larry who I interviewed last month when he had a rather unfortunate accident resulting in a …. penis amputation – ouch that just makes me wince! Anyway poor old Larry recovered from that embarrassing event only to get injured again in the shelter! I will be asking him about that shortly but let me first introduce my other interviewee – Foxy. Those of you that have been following Hope for Romanian Strays may remember back in the summer two young ladies, Foxy and Fanny, that were taken out of the shelter severely ill. Fanny made a good recovery and went back to the shelter but Foxy took a considerable time longer to recover. She is now in foster care and is one of our special needs dogs.

Larry post penis-amputation

Larry post penis-amputation

Foxy at the vets

Foxy at the vets

The Don: Firstly let me say welcome to the both of you and thank you for talking to me.

Larry:  Hello Don, lovely to be speaking with you again.

Foxy: Hi Don – I feel honoured to be here chatting with you today

The Don: Perhaps we can start with Larry – can you give me an update on what’s happened to you since I last interviewed you?

Larry:   Yes I am afraid I got into troubles again.  I was recovering really well from my amputation and had been well enough to be returned to the shelter …

The Don: So hang on there Larry – despite your horrible amputation you had to go back to the shelter?!!!  Surely after such a dreadful incident you should have gone to a nice comfortable home?!

Larry:  Ah yes Don – that would have been lovely!  I really had hoped that the interview I did with you would have raised my profile and that someone reading it would have taken pitty on me and given me a home!  But alas no.  Sadly I there are just not enough foster positions in Romania so only special needs or very sick dogs get the luxury of a foster place.  Because I was well enough I was sent back to the shelter, where I had been injured the first time.

Foxy: Oh boy you poor chap!

The Don:  Oh mate I am so sorry to hear that!  That must have been really tough for you.

Larry:  Yes I have to admit it really was.  The other dogs I think made fun of me a bit and I was really unhappy there so I wanted to escape.

The Don: And is that when you got injured?

Larry: Yes.  I was so miserable in the shelter I really wanted to get out – you know see if I could find my own forever home?  Well anyway I stuck my head out but sort of got caught so I was then using my back legs to try to break free, break out of the prison of a shelter.  But unfortunately I got injured in the process and i really hurt my leg.

Foxy: Gasp!

The Don: Oh my cat Larry!  Are you ok now? What happened?

Larry: Thank you I am recovering well.  Aniela came again to take me out of the shelter to see the vet again and they patched me up … again.  I am now back en route to being a healthy penis-less boy (boy that is soooo embarassing!) but I am dreading going back to the shelter.

The Don: I bet mate, I bet.  Well let’s hope this time round someone take pity on you and gives you a home.  But now Foxy you never did go back to the shelter did you?

Foxy - then and now

Foxy – then and now

Foxy:  No Don I didn’t. I guess I am one of those special needs dogs you just mentioned.

The Don: So Foxy tell me a bit about your story and what makes you a special lady

Foxy:  Well Don as you mentioned in the summer Aniela found me and my sister Fanny in the shelter.  We were both emaciated and very very sick – we were literally just skin and bones, and I kept trembling the whole time.  Fanny made a quicker and fuller recovery than me.  Unfortunately I was just so very very ill and it took all my strength just to fight to stay alive.

The Don: Am I right that they didn’t know if you would survive?

Foxy:  Yes Don you are right – it really as touch and go with me.

The Don: Wow – that’s frightening!  But you are okay now?

Foxy: Well yes sort of.  I  am much much better than I was and as you can see I have put on some weight … not too much I hope!

Larry: Oh boy no!  You really are a foxy looking lady now – your weight is perfect.

Foxy:  Oh thank you Larry!  So yes I have put on weight – I don’t think I will ever be a fat or large doggy but you can’t see my bones anymore like you used to.  Sadly though I still have pulmonary problems and will always have issues with my lungs I think.  This is difficult because it means at the moment I can’t be sterlised as the anesthesia would probably kill me.  So because of this I am in special foster care because I can’t go back to the shelter.

The Don: I am sorry to hear that Foxy – but it is great that you are in foster care.  I suppose though that that is not really a long term solution?

Foxy:  No you are right Don.  Ideally I need to find a forever home too  – just like Larry.  Hey maybe Larry and I could get adopted together?  Wouldn’t that be awesome?

The Don and Larry:   Yes!

The Don:  So basically you two have both been through the wars in the shelter over in Romania and you have both fought really hard to survive. What you need now really is a forever home where you can be loved and stop having to fight for your lives – am I right?

Foxy and Larry:  Yes!!

The Don:  So I turn to those of you reading this and ask that you think if you could maybe help and give Larry or Foxy a home?  Perhaps you know a friend or relative who could do with a furry companion to cheer up their home and their life?  Ask around and share this post.  Maybe together we can find Larry and Foxy a home?  And I have to tell you that miracles do happen.  My next interview will be about just such a miracle – Maya who you may remember was found dragging her severed limbs around the streets of Romania.  Well Maya has been adopted and has a forever home!  So let’s see if we can’t also make a miracle happen to our two awesome shelter survivors Larry and Foxy!

Larry back at the vets

Larry back at the vets

Penis-less Larry who hopes someone will take pity on him and give him a home

Penis-less Larry who hopes someone will take pity on him and give him a home

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