Easter update

Our visit to the shelter on Easter day

Our visit to the shelter on Easter day

As the Easter break draws to a close we wanted to provide an update on some of the work we are doing and also some changes that we are hoping to make to the website.

Thanks to donations we have had a number of successful improvements to the conditions of the dogs in the shelter.  Thanks to donations via Pro Dog Romania we were able to provide the dogs with extra food for three days in a row over Easter.  Given the over-crowding in the shelter being able to provide this extra food is vital to keeping the dogs alive and healthy.  The shelter authorities are now stretched to provide enough food and without our support in feeding they would have to start euthanising the dogs – or let them starve – neither of which is an option in our mind.

Seas of mud in the shelter

Seas of mud in the shelter

Another improvement we have been able to make to a few pens is add extra gravel.  Again this may not sound very exciting or important but as you can see from this image thanks to very wet conditions the pens have turned into seas of mud, leaving the dogs covered in mud and wet and even more miserable. One truck of gravel costs €100 and sadly we only had enough donation to bring gravel to some of the pens.  We hope for more donations to add some more.

One of the kennels with new gravel

One of the kennels with new gravel


We also  continue to look support and funds for the many strays and puppies in the shelter.  The stream of puppies that gets dumped at the shelter is never ending and they all need to be vaccinated, and need additional food, for which we need funds.  We also continue to need funds to neuter the shelter dogs that get brought in on and to try to stem the tide of homeless puppies being born.  Again for this we need funds.  With this in mind we shared some Easter images and we hope that you will continue to share these, and other photos from the shelter, to try to help raise awareness of the work we do and help us raise more funds.

Easter_5 easter_1 Easter_3 easter

The final big task we have is to find foster and forever homes for the dogs in the shelter.  Again we rely on people, like you, to share the photos of dogs looking for homes, like Larry, in the hope that someone will take pity or fall in love with one of the dogs and give them a home.  Do not underestimate the power of sharing – sharing really does end up in dogs finding homes.  To this end we will also be investing in this blog and will be adding a page with dogs needing homes.  We hope to build this up and then also add a Happy Tails page to showcase all the dogs that we have found homes through.  Once these pages are up please visit and share – with the over-crowding and precarious political situation the only guarantee that the dogs in these pictures will survive is if they are rescued from the shelter and from Romania.

Thank you again for all your support and please continue to support us and help us to improve the conditions for the dogs that are in the shelter and to help find more homes for these poor souls.  Happy Easter from all of us at Hope for Romanian Strays!

















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