Little bundle of hope

There are so very  many dogs and puppies at the shelter that all need love, care and help but from time to time one dog in particular will grab our attention.  Sometimes this is because of their particularly tragic situations, such as Larry the dog who had a penis amputation or Piciu with his three broken legs, but other times it is just by chance or simply because they give us a look that melts our hearts and makes us cry out.    This little chap is just such a dog.  As Aniela put it “he  is not our most beautiful baby , it is not our bigest baby” but there is something about seeing this little chap, clearly ill with a skin disorder and worms, that just touches us so very deeply.

Struggling to live and hoping for a life

Struggling to live and hoping for a life

Again in Aniela’s words “Each day when I go to the shelter and I see this tiny baby waiting for us full of hope and joy , I only think : you will survive.  He is our sweet fighter and seing him daily it gives us hope and makes us believe that sometimes miracles are possible for such tiny babies also!!!”  I cannot imagine how hard it is to see a young baby like this every day and not be able to do much for him – I do not think I could cope.  Aniela however has more strength than anyone I know and she goes daily to the shelter to provide what comfort and support she can with the meagre funds that a small charity like us can glean from donations.  Even without funds just being there she helps the dogs – shows them that they are loved; shows them that they are not just disgarded rubbish that no one cares about; shows them that there is hope and there is something worth wagging your tail for.

A small bundle of hope

A small bundle of hope

We hope that other people will see this little angel’s photo and take pity.  We hope that someone out there will decide that they can find a small space in their heart and in their home for him, or another Romanian “reject”  like him.  We hope that maybe his little distended belly and mangey fur will melt more people’s hearts and they will come forward and support us so that we can help him and others like him.  We hope that people will share our photos and spread the word – we are so few and want to do so much and the only way we can do this is if more people join our cause.

And so it is that I ask that you please pray for our baby, and all the others like him in the shelter, and if you want to help him a little in his fight for life please donate a penny or two towards  his vet expenses using:

Accounts Hope for Romanian Strays Organisation :
Euro Account: RO24RZBR0000060014905466
Swift Code: RZBR ROBU
Ron Account: RO30RZBR0000060014905455

On behalf of him and all the others like him THANK YOU!


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