Two years and so many Happy Tails!




One of our supporters recently reminded us that it was two years ago that Hope for Romanian Strays was founded.  We had been too busy to remember! These have been two emotional years in which we have seen many ups and downs.  We have seen far too many dogs who needed urgent help, far too many who we were unable to rescue and far too much misery, cruelty and despair.

Hope for Romanian Strays was founded between 14 and 31 August 2012 by a small group of volunteers who wanted to formally do more for the stray cats and dogs   of Ploiesti.  The life of the group started on Facebook, where volunteers would post about dogs and cats in need of help or adoption, and share their photos to try to help them.  From this small group of a few we have now grown into a fully fledged charity, helping hundreds of animals in Ploiesti in desperate need.


We have had fantastic successes, have rescued and saved so many dogs (and a cats),and have done so much good for the strays in the shelter.  We have also had so many Happy Tails which make all the work and effort worth while.  Hundreds of dogs are now living wonderful, happy lives with their new forever families outside of Romania and in celebration of our two year anniversary we wanted to share some of their photos, video’s and stories.


We also invite you all, friends of Hope for Romanian Strays, to celebrate with us two years of activity.  Join our birthday event on Facebook and share your photos of the happy babies you adopted through us, of let us know which photo you like the most and give us ideas on how we could go further with the charity. 

willlie smokeyLast but not least why not give us a birthday gift to celebrate all we have achieved already and to help us achieve more!

Best Gift ever:  Foster/Adopt one of the stray dogs in our care 🙂

Gifts Allowed as a package sent to our organisation:  food, goodies, vitamins, calcium, internal and external dewormings for cats and dogs, anything that can be used for our shelter babies

Gift that can be send as a donation using any of the accounts of our organisation:
21€ – Sterilisation Gift
15€ – New Arrival Gift – includes 1st internal and external deworming plus 1st vaccines of a young baby that could be saved from death in shelter
Any €/$/£ sent can also help us cover part of our huge vet bills, vet bills that are growing in the same time with us because only with proper veterinary care we are able to offer and extra chance to our souls in public shelter

You can send your gifts using:

Accounts Hope for Romanian Strays Organisation :
Euro Account: RO24RZBR0000060014905466
Swift Code: RZBR ROBU
Bank : Raiffeisen Bank Ploiesti 
 Ron Account: RO30RZBR0000060014905455

Thank you all so very much for all your support over the last two years and please continue to support us.  Please continue to share our blogs, posts and photos – sharing saves lives!

Finally here are some more of the many Happy Tails from over the last year.  Enjoy!167

wolfie Tom Rufus

































swedish Sophie rita Raisa PrpDog20 ProDog35 ProDog32 ProDog31 ProDog24 ProDog25 ProDog26 ProDog27 ProDog28 ProDog30 ProDog23 ProDog22 ProDog21 ProDog17 ProDog16 Prodog15 ProDog14

ProDog13 ProDog11 ProDog9 ProDog8 Prodog7 ProDog6 ProDog5 ProDog4 ProDog3 ProDog2 ProDog ProDog 19 ProDog 18 ProDog 10 Milou miracle Noah Odin Pappi pit_tk Kara Herba Heidi hamburg4 Hamburg 6 hamburg 3 Hamburg 2 Hamburg 1 Flora elyas Donna Clooney_TK Amelie_TK Allegra Aldi Akkegra Aimy Aimy 2


Thank you for saving me

Thank you for saving me

Do you have a Happy Tail you would like to share?  Please let us know – we would love to add more photos and stories!



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