Ursa’s amazing transformation

Last month I wrote about Ursa, a poor dog who was so malnourished she could not stand and she had to be carried to safety back in June.  She was nothing but skin and bones, with sores where the skin was taught across her bones. She was in a heart wrenching state.

Ursa being carried to safety

Ursa being carried to safety


In the our care, despite her emaciated state, she was the most lovely, tail-wagging dog, and despite all she had gone through she trusted us and showed the most amazing character.  Thanks to some great support, financially from our supporters, and also from our vet Popescu, she made an amazing recovery. 

We now have fantastic news!  Ursa has left Romania, and the country where she nearly starved to death, and has traveled to a new home in Germany.  You might have thought that she was still too weak to travel, however Ursa has made an amazing transformation.  As you can see from the photo Ursa now looks like a new dog!  And doesn’t she look happy!


Ursa - then and now

Ursa – then and now


Ursa would not be here today if it were not for Hope for Romanian Strays. There are so many more dogs that need our help so please continue to support us and please continue to share our posts and images.  For dogs like Ursa it makes a huge difference.


  1 comment for “Ursa’s amazing transformation

  1. Bärbel Seifert
    September 2, 2014 at 7:05 pm

    I have seen Ursa before and I often think about her. Now I`m verry happy.
    Thanks for your wonderful work.
    Bärbel Seifert from Germany (Newsletter Pro Dog Romania)

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