We are redesigning … what do you think?

Last year we redesigned our website.  We wanted our website to be more visual, with a design that would highlight our latest posts as well as help us to highlight and show off dogs needing homes.  Our new design certainly did some of this but sadly this year we have had problems with the platform hosting the website and so we are going back to the drawing board and this time we want to give you an opportunity to have your say.

We have pre-selected a number of options for the new design, all in wordpress, and it would be fantastic if you could let us know which one (or ones) you prefer.  Ideally please click on each picture to have a look at a full demo and get a feel for the whole website. Our key criteria are that the website is visual, and also allows gallery formats, is search enabled, is responsive (so works on mobiles), ideally shows trending topics and criteria.

Below are the details for the different designs and you can register your vote by either:


We hope that you like at least one of these new designs!  Please do share with friends and family and get their input too – the more input the better 🙂  All costs for the redesign are being covered by a generous donor but of course if you would like to take this opportunity to also donate to help the Bucov shelter dogs our paypal is as always hopeforstrays@yahoo.com

Thank you!!

  2 comments for “We are redesigning … what do you think?

  1. Eunice
    May 14, 2015 at 5:43 pm

    I think the Dicot theme is nice, very simple and clean. I would go against something like Fontfolio or Pinboard because there are so many images presented on the page that it becomes distracting. A few eye-catching images are better for catching but not overwhelming an audience’s attention. I hope this helps!

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