2017 – New Year of Hope

Dear wonderful friends,

We were offline here for some months but from now on we will try everything possible to be active and to bring updates about our work in benefit of all dogs and cats in our care, hundreds of souls depending on us daily for being able to survive in Romania

As you most probably know by now our dream to find and create a special place for medical cases and special dogs/cats in need became real, from Mai 2016 we opened the gates at our Sanctuary of Hope , a place where we have now in care over 200 dogs rescued from public shelter and street, more than half being at first medical cases in our custody.

Knowing that we started from 0 in 2012 when we founded the orga i am totally proud and happy to say that we entered in 2017, the 5th year of Hope for Romanian Strays, with a big wonderful support team here in Romania but especially out there in the world, where beautiful friends work hard daily to make possible rescue of our dogs/cats, daily food and veterinary care for all the souls in our care.

In 2017, trough our wonderful partners and donors, we will  continue the weekly sterilisation campaigns in comunity and public shelter, we will struggle further for the  adoption of the poor souls in our care and we won’t give up on our social/educational projects .

Thank you for believing in us, thank you for making our work possible, thank you for going further with us in this difficult mission!

Yours with love and gratitude,

Aniela Ghita – Founder of Hope for Romanian Strays Ngo.


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