New Laila Shelter – Cuddly Chris

UPDATE August 2012 – Lovely Chris, now named SAM, is happy adopted in Austria 🙂

Sam(Chris) – happy and free at home in Austria!

I am getting very excited to be going to pick up Lily on Sunday and I will be posting her full story, including photos of her back when she was a rescued pup and photos of her now.  We also have a few other happy stories which we will be sharing next week and some updates from some of our rescue dogs – so get ready for some heart warming stories!

However we also have some rather unfortunate news.   The New Laila Shelter, which we work with frequently and who are currently fostering some of our rescues, has unfortuantely been asked to vacate their premises.  This means they have had to find a new home for 280 dogs.  They have found a potential farm to move to but will need to raise €10,000 to purchase it.  We will provide some more information and updates and if you would like to help or contribute to the New Laila Shelter please contact us at

We will also be helping them to try to rehome as many of their current residents as possible – including one particularly cuddly and friendly chap called Chris.  He was rescued last Christmas in a dreadful state – as you can see from the rather disturbing photo here.

Fortunately Chris was found and rescued off the street and received the medical care he needed.  He was then taken in by New Laila Shelter where he has turned into a lovely, friendly cuddly dog with a beautiful character – as the following photos show : )

As you can see Chris is a dog that had a rough start but has blossomed into a great chap  and deserves a loving, forever home.  If you know anyone who would like to adopt Cuddly Chris then please contact us at – and of as always please share this.

Thank you!



ADOPTED! Annie – Shelter baby hit on the backlegs


Annie – happy adopted in Germany


Annie – happy and spoiled in Germany

UPDATE 08 September 2012 – Annie will arrive today in Duisburg, Germany, to her new wonderful foster family

Annie – One step closer to a new happy life in Germany ❤

NEWS 27 June 2012 – Annie is out of the shelter, in foster care

Annie is a sweet soul from the local shelter….One of the 600 souls there, she was “lucky” to be hit by someone on the backlegs…why lucky? because that saved her from being locked in the kennels with the other puppies that have no chances to escape from there ….because that is how i saw her on my 3rd visit to the shelter and i start asking questions about her…now Annie is still there but she has her first vaccine done and she is waiting me to take her our of there, as soon as i find a foster sollution for her, to keep her safe until adoption…Please share for her and help us find her a good home…At this moment any help is a good help so please, if you can donate for her veterinary expenses or if you can take her home do not hesitate to contact us :

ADOPTED ALL!!! 3 brothers remained – 3 destinies – Can we help them too???

Sunny is finally at home, happy adopted in Austria!

Sunny is finally at home, happy adopted in Austria!       

UPDATE!  From November , dear Sunny, the 3rd baby in our care, is also happy adopted in Austria thanks to wonderful friends there…Thank you!!!

08 Sep 2012 – Balu is happy at home in Austria thanks to our special friends there and Lucky is on his way home too, because he was adopted in the same city as Balu! Sunny was sterilised and she is waiting her turn to be happy!

Lucky – 07 Sep 2012 – Salzburg, here I am 🙂

Balu – For me Austria means now HOME

Lucky – 1 baby boy in foster after being hit by car and saved by a special person…we take care now of his vaccines and we prepair him for adoption

Balu – 1 baby boy and & Sunny – 1 baby girl , both rescued from the street , now in our care in paid foster, fully vaccinated
We need help for all of them, to find them good proper homes…They are medium to big size dogs, 3-4 months old … They need a chance to be saved … Please share for them…Their foster time expires in August and we have no other place for them…Thank you

Sunny- girl, medium-big size, 4-5 months

Balu – boy, medium-big size, 4-5 months old

Lucky – boy, medium-big size, 4-5 months old

Their story: They were 7 puppies…1 died hit by car, 2 disappeared , 1 was adopted and 3 we have here in this album….
3 babies, 2 of them still out in the street and one fostered after being hit by car …One of his legs was almost destroyed but with surgery and metalic support for his bones he is recovering well….They all need our help, they need a chance, otherwise they won’t survive in the street…

If  you can help us to help them, please do not hesitate to contact us :
Email :
Paypal Account –
Aniela Ghita Euro IBAN :RO74 RNCB 0623 0692 3079 0002
Aniela Ghita RON IBAN :RO04 RNCB 0623 0692 3079 0001

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Hello I’m Baby and I’m a rescue kitten

Hello, my name is Baby and I am a little black lady kitten living in Romania.  I was born a few months ago into a house full of other cats and kittens but I was the smallest and scaredest of the lot.  The place where I was living was very busy and noisy and it would have been really tough to live there forever.  The humans who owned the place started off taking in just a few cats but they did not get them “done” and soon there were more and more cats.  Of course I cannot grumble as I am here as a result of their neglect and my story will hopefully have a happy ending!  But the story may not have ended so happily for me and it is still uncertain for my brothers and sisters.


I’m scared!

My story started to take a positive turn when a lovely lady was called in by my humans to help them.  She works for Hope for Romanian Strays and made sure that we all got to see the vet and that we all got “done”.  I was so little I needed extra vitamins and stuff – and to be honest I am not sure I would have made it without the extra help I got.  Hope for Romanian Strays then started to look for forever homes for us – and we were a very large family I must say!  Some of the gang were lucky and found homes quickly but the rest of us did not and so we were left together.  This was ok until the human decided that she no longer wanted us and she wanted to go on holiday!!  We were told that we would all be out on the streets by the end of the week!!!


Again the lovely lady from Hope for Romanian Strays stepped in.  There was another push to find us forever homes . . . and I got lucky!!! One of the volunteers in a country called Switzerland offered to take me rather than see me out on the streets.  I was so excited when I heard the news but also very nervous.  I have never heard of Switzerland and I am worried that I will miss my brothers and sisters.  Apparently I will have a new brother – but will he like me?  I hear he is a very popular chap but I do not know how he feels about having a sister.  He is a rescue cat too so I hope he understands what I have gone through.

Two of my brothers who still need forever homes


I will also be really sad to leave my brothers and sisters behind.  The lovely lady has taken them into temporary shelters but they cannot stay in their play pens forever and really need forever homes.  I have two weeks left with them and I am giving them lots of headbonks and cuddles while we are still together.  Once I am in Switzerland I am going to try really hard to find them forever homes.  Maybe my new big brother can help?  Maybe you can help too?  Perhaps if you shared their photos and their story someone out there will find a small little place in their homes and hearts for them?  Or perhaps you can help the lovely lady with funding so she can support my brothers and sisters until they find a forever home?  We are lovely kittens and all we want is to find a forever home and love and be loved.


My brother Paco – looking for a home

The beautiful but homeless Diva

My sister Ella – looking to love someone