ADOPTED by me! Betty – Under veterinary care after 3 years since she was hit by car

bettybetty1 Betty is adopted by me, she will remain forever in my care, thanks to my lovely aunt at the country, who accepted to keep Betty there , free and spoiled .

Betty – 3,5 years old girl , a survivor, a dog that fights for her life since ever….She was hit by car when she was only 5 months old and since then she is fighting for her life in the local shelter…She never had a radiography, not to speak about other veterinary treatments so her wounds healed bad…She can run now even if her legs were affected in the accident and she is happy to be spoiled by people even if people did nothing to help her be better in the last 3 years….A good person took care to feed her , to spoil her somehow all those years, but never tried to take her out from the shelter, to go with her in a clinic, most probably because of the money issue..

She has broken mandibula healed bad most surely, full of infection permanently and she can barely eat….i proposed to the  shelter administration to allow us to take her out for further investigations and treatments and they said yes…

Betty was hospitalized in Bucharest, under medical care, on 19 June…her situation is pretty bad 😦 …she was hit by car 3 years ago and her mouth is “locked” since then….they will make radiographies….they will start vaccines, clean the wounds… We wil find out if a surgery woulx improve her situation …the infection wound can be solved…We all pray for her to be well.

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  1. June 22, 2012 at 10:42 am

    News 21.06.2012 – Betty has a terrible problem but she will have surgery to help her open her mouth , to make her life easier…she had 2-3 fractures on mandibula and those formed an ugly formation on her bones…it will be difficult but it is not impossible to help her …please help us to help her…any small donation counts because we need to pay her daily foster, her vaccines, her treatments, her special food and also her surgery…please help us sharing for her …she has a chance, we must take it ♥

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