This face says why we do what we do . . .

Many people do not want to see bad or upsetting things, they turn away, ignore issues and the pleas for help.  But fortunately there are also people out there who do not walk by and it is people like that Hope For Strays relies on . . . or more to the point that the stray animals in living in horrific conditions in Romania rely on.

Hello! I’m Annie and I need your help : )

One such great person is Mihaela, who discovered little Annie, out on the streets, injured.  It looked like she had been hit, possibly by a car, and had injured her back legs and could not walk very well.  Many people would have walked on by – not taken time out of their busy schedule to go help the puppy.  Stopping to help in itself brings possible obligations, can take a lot of time and can be emotionally stressful.  However this single act of stopping to help Annie meant that Annie is now on the road to recovery.  She has been taken into a shelter, received vetinary treatment, been dewormed and she is walking better.
She is a very sweet and loving little girl, probably around 4 months old, and Aniela was able to carry her around in her arms while she was there.  She will now receive her first vaccines and all being well will be ready for adoption in a couple of weeks or so.
We understand that not everyone can stop to help – but you can help by contributing to Annie’s vet bills, food and shelter and share her story so that someone out there see this lovely little lady and decides to give her a loving forever home.  So go . . please help Annie!

I am a very waggy tail type of dog . . . please help me wag my tail some more!

 You can contact us if you would like more information or can help: Email :
Or donate to help Annie:  Paypal Account – Bank details: Aniela Ghita Euro IBAN :RO74 RNCB 0623 0692 3079 0002 SWIFTCode: RNCBROBU Aniela Ghita RON IBAN :RO04 RNCB 0623 0692 3079 0001
Just to add we are in the process of setting up a formal Hope for strays account but we can assure you that all money donated goes straight to the animals.  We are all volunteers – we do not make a profit nor do we spend any donations on fundraising, advertsing etc.

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