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SURI – “My Way Home” or “Yes, I am Alive”

Hi there,

I’m Suri, about 6 years old (I don’t know exactly, but well,I’m a girl, so say 5 years :-p ) and I got the important job from my former mommy Aniela to tell you a little bit about me.

A little more than 3 years ago I was sitting in Bucov shelter, in a small, overcrowded kennel, and I wasn’t feeling well at all. I was bullied and even hurt by the other dogs, always tense and under stress. I wouldn’t have made it there much longer!

But one day mommy Aniela kissed me and put me in a big white car. She said everything’s gonna be all right now and my own family is waiting for me! Nevertheless, I was afraid the whole trip – because I didn’t know what would happen. And then at some point in the middle of the night, my box opened and I was carried out of the car and placed in the arms of my new mommy. I made myself small and I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. Mommy looked at me with eyes full of love and said: “Welcome, little Suri, you’ll never have to be afraid again. From now on, I’ll love and protect you – forever.”


Then I had to get into a box again and drive on alone with my mommy for a while. She already told me something about my new life, and I only looked at her out of big, anxious eyes. Mommy later said that this sight hurt her heart.

But you know what? When we arrived in front of our home, suddenly my new sister Kira stood next to the car, she left Bucov 7 months before! – and then I knew for sure: I made it! I am safe! Together we walked a small round over a meadow and looked over the river, that was sooooo beautiful! And then, at home, I really got worked up. Explored everything, jumped up on the sofa and down again, out on the balcony and back in again, asked the cats to play (they did not like that at all 😀 ) and I ran to Kira again and again. Sleeping after a long trip? NO! 🙂 Hhhhmmmm, for some reason, Kira was annoyed by me at the beginning, but today we are best friends, playing catching, digging togehther, “fight” together and just have fun.

I immediately took my mommy to heart, and so did she me. Only with strange people, and above all with strange dogs my past still follows me. The fear of being catched or getting attacked again is too deep. But once I got to know a dog, then everything is usually great and we romp together.

I am so glad that I have been allowed to live here for 3 years now, and whenever I see my mum sadly looking at the pictures of my dog ​​buddies who are still in Romania, my heart becomes heavy. Please give Shelter Dogs a chance and, if you can, support those who fight for us day by day. Without Aniela Ghita I would not be home today. Not happy. No longer alive …

With Love, SURI






Grandma May – a little old dog you can hardly describe in words

Just over a year ago I saw this little old creature. She was abandoned in public shelter by those that were supposed to be her humans , blind, deaf and otherwise in bad shape. With the first view it was clear that Grandma May (I became her godmother and was allowed to choose the name) is “my dog” and has to come to me.
Together with Gertrude I could convinced Aniela that Grandma May was allowed to travel to me. Aniela did everything to make me aware of my responsibility. “You know that she is very old”. Yes I know. Sometimes she barks without reason and does not stop. No problem. Maybe she will not live much longer. Yes that can be. And she also has to pee more often than younger dogs. Also no problem for me … and so on and on…


So in August 2017 Grandma May came to Germany.  A small, thin, scrubby something … not a handful of size.

At the beginning, we really thought we talk about weeks … but grandma was getting better and better. We became optimistic and talked about months … and now? Now she is with us for almost a year and we say that this cute little dog will probably survive us. 😉
Grandma loves life. She shows us every day! She loves her people, her pack and her meals.



Grandma will only have a limited time with us, we know that! But we will enjoy every second of this time together. If she has to go someday, she will not do it alone. She will be in the circle of those who love her. Yes we love her more than words can say!!!!

Why did we choose a stray? Why not? 😉  But to answer the question, because they deserve a life in safety as well.
Why did we choose an old dog? Everyone of us is getting old and everybody wants safety in their old age … that’s why we decided to give home to an “old” dog.

Would we decide that way again? Definitely!!! Next to Grandma May we have Günther and Herbert from Bucov – also two seniors who make our “nursing home” all around perfect.

Hugs and Kiss
Jill & Grandma May



And so a new year begins



A 2015 Happy Tail

2015 was an incredibly busy year for us,full of highs and lows.  We managed to save so many dogs, finding homes for many, funding vet treatment, providing extra food, improving conditions in the shelter and laying the first foundations for our own sanctuary of hope. We laughed with joy at miracles, such as large donations or injured dogs getting back on their feet.


The reality of the shelter

But we also cried far too often.  We cried at the pain, hunger, cold, fear and misery of the dogs in the shelter and the dogs left to die by roadsides.  We cried each time a life was lost, each time we could not save a soul from passing over, and for each soul that departed without ever having known the warmth of their own home and love. We cried far, far too much.


Paralyzed Neela now learning to walk again with her forever family

What kept us going through the year though was the hope.  The hope that we could save more.  The hope that we could make our funds go further.  The hope that homes could be found and lives could be saved.  We saw the miracles and the Happy Tails and they filled us with hope.  It was hope that picked us up when we thought we could not cope with more tears and could no longer go on.  Hope for all the poor souls still left in the shelter and the streets of Romania and hope that we could make a difference.

And we did make a difference.  The shelter is now home to over 1500 dogs, 300 of which are puppies, but with an original capacity of only 700.  If it were not for us and the support we receive from you we could never have helped keep so many dogs alive.  Bucov would probably have joined the list of Romanian shelters which brutally slaughter their dogs, by beating, starvation or poisoning, to make way for more.  Fortunately Bucov remains a place of hope – but only just.  We need constant support in order to provide food to stave of starvation.  We need funds to build improvements and extenstions in the shelter so that the dogs have a better hope of survival and do not have to live in total misery.  We need funds to provide the puppies with the extra care and seperate enclosures they need.


Puppies dumped at the shelter


Old girl dumped to die unloved in the shelter

Our funds though are never enough and we had many lows in 2015 where we could not help anymore.  Where we saw the puppy deathrate remain stable because we could not provide enough puppy food or secure shelter.  Where dogs died of disease and dispair because we could not help or we could not find them a home.  We had to leave a mum and her pups out in the open because there was just no more room for her (she is now safe – but her pups still need to survive their first winter). We had a final year end low when someone dumped their old, sick dog at the shelter, thrown away like unwanted rubbish.  The shelter is no place for an old dog to spend her last days and we will do what we can, but the sad reality this poor soul will have a miserable end of life now that her owners no longer want her.


Waggy tails waiting for food

But we had many highs too.  We had so many Happy Tails, including our last one of the year Feder, who left on the New Year’s Eve for her forever home in Germany.  We found sponsors and homes for many of the puppies, giving them a real chance to survive. We had my own personal favourite Happy Tail when paralyzed Rubino found a forever home, after months and months of having to live at the vet’s because no one wanted him.  We had great successes, such as funds to make improvements to the shelter, including new kennels and at the end of the year when we were able to put up some tarpaulin to provide shelter from the wind to some of the open kennels. We kept our sterilisation programme going and saw over a hundred dogs neutered in 2o15.


We also welcomed many vounteers to the shelter, who helped us care for the dogs and provided the dogs with much needed love and in return received unconditional love from the dogs.  We hope to welcome many more in 2016.

Another part of work in 2015 was working with the local school.  Thanks to donations from our supporters for the children we were able to supply them with school books, pens and other school items.  These children come from extremely poor families and these gifts make a big difference. In turn we educate them about how to treat animals correctly, and through them bring a message to their families that we are there for their sick pets and that we will neuter their pets free of charge.  Hopefully through this work we will break the tradition of mistreatment and see a new generation approaching animals with more respect and care.


2015 was a great and a terrible year.  2016 looks like it will provide the same challenges and more.  Already the year has started with heavy snow, leaving dogs struggling to survive on minimal food and poor shelter.  Despite our improvements many of the dogs are still in enclosures that ofter little to no shelter from the winter conditions.  With limited food supplies the dogs will not receive enough calories to keep them strong.  Many of the weaker dogs and puppies will not make it through to the spring.  Today we distributed our last bag of puppy food.  We do not know when we will be able to buy more.


We can imagine what other horrors lay ahead of us this year.  But we can also hope that we will see more miracles and will receive more funds so that we can help save more dogs.  We hope that more people will open their homes to one of these poor deserving souls, and rescue a life by adopting one of the shelter dogs.  We hope that more people will hear about the good work we do and decide to donate or volunteer with us. We hope that things will change and that we will see less dogs dying,  less dogs being dumped like rubbish, and less dogs struggling to survive.  We hope that one day all the shelter dogs will be able to live in comfort, with enough food, warmth and love.  Miracles do happen and we hope for at least one this year.

And so it is that a new year begins. We thank you with our whole hearts for your support last year and we thank you for any support you can give us this year.  We will need donations and unfdraisers.  We will need supporters to share our messages, appeals and the photos of the dogs needing homes.  We will need more volunteers to come out to Romania to help us at the shelter.  We will need all your prayers to be able to make a bigger difference this year.







Happy summer Tails!

29.06.15Trying to rescue dogs in Romania is an incredibly hard and demoralising thing to do.  Every day dogs die.  Every day more puppies get dumped.  Every day there is some new horror and every day we struggle with our limited to funds to save as many of these poor souls as we can.  It is heart wrenching and exhausting.  The thing that helps keep us going though are our happy tails.  It is seeing all the dogs that we have managed to save happy and free in their new homes that brings that glimmer of hope that keeps us going.

Anastasia - from the horror of Romania to the love of a family

Anastasia – from the horror of Romania to the love of a family